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QuickBooks Pro 2019 asks me to set up a user/password every day.

As long as I don't reboot, I can logout, then attempt to login and QuickBooks 2019 will just ask me for my password.


However, every time I restart my computer and attempt to login, it asks me to set up a password and challenge question.  It's not asking me to change the pw/question, it's prompting me to create them.


How do you fix this?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: QuickBooks Pro 2019 asks me to set up a user/password every day.

Hello there, PinnacleMP. 


Here are a few troubleshooting steps that we can perform to fix this unusual behavior. Let's run the Clean Install process first, and open your company file to reset the administrators password.


Here's how to reset it: 

  1. From the Company menu, click Change Your Password
  2. Enter the Current Password and then enter your New Password
  3. Confirm your New Password and choose a Question and enter your Answer
  4. Once done, click OK.  

After that, you can change your login settings. However, there are things to consider before changing this settings. Here's an article that you can check out for more details: Stay logged in to QuickBooks company file (sign in without entering your password)


Let me know how this worked on your end. I'll be around to help!