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Master admin cant' log in in the account

The master admin can't see and log in the company account. We try to applicate the procedure : Manage Users -- Action -- delete master admin, but it's not possible. We want to change and delete our master admin. How can we proceed?

QuickBooks Team

Master admin cant' log in in the account

I appreciate you for sharing the steps you've initially performed, @Marta Rigotti.

When transferring the Master Admin access, you'd want to make sure that the new Master Admin is already added as a Company Admin. Let me guide you in doing so.

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Select Manage Users.
  3. Click the Add user button in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Choose Company Admin, and then click Next.
  5. Enter the new user's profile information.
  6. Click Save.

Once completed, the new user will receive an email invitation that they have to accept. Just, let him/her click the “Let’s go!” link.



On the other hand, you can let your existing Master Admin access your account using a private or incognito window. This helps us roll out the possibility of a browser-related issue. You can let your Master Admin use any of these keyboard shortcuts:

  • For Google Chrome browser: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • For Mozilla Firefox browser: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • For Safari browser: Command + Option + P

Once he or she is able to successfully log in and locate your company information, here's how to transfer the Master Admin role to an existing company admin in QuickBooks.

  1. Click the Settings or Gear icon.
  2. Choose Manage Users.
  3. In the User Type column, choose the user you want to appoint as the Admin
  4. From the Action column, click the drop-down arrow.
  5. Select Make master admin
  6. A verification code will be sent to the phone number or email on file. Check the code sent to you and enter it in the field.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Select Make master admin on the prompt.

You can read through this article to learn more information about this process: Change your QuickBooks Online master admin user.


Also, I've added these article to help you resolve and manage user login-related issues:

Feel free to get back and know that we're always delighted to help if you have more concerns. Stay safe. 

QuickBooks Team

Master admin cant' log in in the account

Greetings, @Marta Rigotti.


I want to make sure you're able to change your account's Master Admin. Have you tried performing the troubleshooting steps I've shared in this thread?


Feel free to visit us here again if you have other questions about managing your account's authorized users. I'm always here to help.

Level 1

Master admin cant' log in in the account

Hello, I apologize for the delay in answering. I followed all your procedure but it does not work. The master admin can not enter on QB online. I tried to add him as a company admin but I can not enter because his email already exists. help! How can we invite the master admin again? If we go to the Action column, the Make Master Admin choice does not come.

QuickBooks Team

Master admin cant' log in in the account

Hi there, @Marta Rigotti.


Currently, there’s an ongoing issue where master admins can't access QuickBooks Online. Rest assured our engineers are already fixing the issue. 


For now, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Customer support. This way, they can add you as one of the affected users. Once they’ve added you to the list, you’ll be receiving an email about the updates of the ongoing issue. 


For the support's contact information:


  1. Go to:
  2. Choose QuickBooks Online.
  3. On the Contact Us page, click a topic.
  4. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.


I appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue working toward a resolution. If there’s anything else you need help with, please don’t hesitate to click the Reply button. Wishing you the best!

Level 1

Master admin cant' log in in the account


we still have problems with the master admin. We tried to change the psw but when he tries to log in he gets an access denied message. I'm an admin and I can't delete it or turn it into admin company.3

Can you help me?


QuickBooks Team

Master admin cant' log in in the account

Hi Marta Rigotti,


I'd like to confirm if the Master Admin is getting this error: "Your administrator has not granted you access to QuickBooks Online Plus. Please contact your system administrator with any questions." If so, our engineers are aware of the issue and they are working on a fix. Although this is being actively looked at, we do not have an ETA for resolution at this time.


If you haven't yet, please reach out to our Customer Support Team. You'll receive updates about this once your company info is added to the affected users. 


The new "Help" menu interface: 

  1. Click the (?) Help icon and choose the Talk to a human option (then type it again when prompted).
  2. When asked by the bot, type "INV-51953."
  3. Select I still need a human, then proceed with Contact us.
  4. Tap Let’s talk then choose either Get a call or Start messaging

For the old "Help" menu:

  1. Click the Help icon, then the Contact Us button.
  2. Type "INV-51953​​​​​​​" in the What can we help you with box.
  3. Proceed with the Let's talk button.
  4. Select either Start messaging or Get a call button.

Keep on posting if you need anything else. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Level 1

Master admin cant' log in in the account

I'm sorry but it doeisn't work. The chat with your operators does not work, who can I contact?


Master admin cant' log in in the account

Thank you for reaching out to the QuickBooks Community, Marta Rigotti. Just a friendly reminder, our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM PT, and Saturday from 6 AM to 3 PM PT, so this could be a reason why the chat support wasn't operating. Also, you can clear your cache to see if this is a browser-related problem. Over time, the collection of data from frequent page visits can cause corruption of data. Clearing cache will remove those corruptions, allowing the page to load a clean copy. Depending on the browser, follow this link to clear those cache and contact us once again.  However, if you tried this during business hours, still couldn't reach a representative, and cleared your cache, could you please private message me explaining what you were experiencing?


Please let me know if you need additional assistance with anything else. I will be looking out for your response. Until then, I hope you have a lovely day!

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