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Please, how to change client of a project ?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Please, how to change client of a project ?

Hi there,  claudio2,


You're unable to change the client once a project is created. You need to delete and re-create it. Then, make sure to select the correct customer.


Here's how to delete a project:

  1. Go to Projects from the left navigation menu.
  2. Locate the project, then select Delete from the Options drop-down list.

To create a project:

  1. Go back to Projects.
  2. Click New project.
  3. Enter a project name, then select a customer.
  4. Click Save.

To learn more about how to use this feature in QuickBooks Online, check this out: Set up and use the Projects. It includes a quick video tutorial and instructions for your guidance.


Leave a comment below if there's anything else you need and I'll get back to you.

Level 1

Re: Please, how to change client of a project ?

I sometimes have the need to modify the client.  Is this a feature in the works (which would be very handy) or a bug that can't be fixed?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Please, how to change client of a project ?

Thanks for coming back to this thread, brianf1.


I definitely understand how this feature will help you in managing your projects. Most of our product updates and enhancements are based on the request that we received from our customers. Rest assured, I'll share your feedback with our management to be pass along to our product developers for consideration. For now, you can follow the steps provided by my colleague MarylandT to change your clients.


As we assess this opportunity, I encourage you to visit the QuickBooks Blog to stay current with our product updates.


If you any other concerns or questions about how projects work in QuickBooks, please let me know by adding a comment below. I'll always have your back.

Active Member

Re: Please, how to change client of a project ?

I agree I am in construction and sometime builders change on projects. I would like to be able to change projects with out having to delete and recreate the project. Also I track time in my projects so the delete and recreate can take hours to do. 

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