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Vendor Bills

I am having Many issues with QB. I run an AP report every week and noticed a credit on a vendor that was not there on my previous report. The payment which now shows as a credit as done Jan 2018. I am pretty sure it was done thru pay bill and or just a check that was written on the fly, however it now shows as a credit. I have had many issues with this in the past and thought it had been resolved. I.E 2017 & 2018 cleared checks becoming uncleared when running YR End P&L reports. I aslo have payroll issues to where when entering a new employee and entering the correct L&I code they would use. It pull the previous year L&I rate and not the new years rate, which were entered 1/01/19. The system totally freezes when I click on certain employees. It freezes for at least 10 min.

I have sent QB the file. They claim they would contact me within 3-5 days. It has now been 2 weeks and no word. I have been on hold for 41:31 min now with QB trying to get support on the vendor issue.   UGGGG!!!!

Anyone else experiencing these issues?

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Re: Vendor Bills

Is this a current & updated version of the QBDT program?
Does the data file verify?
It does sound like a data integrity problem. Backup frequently
Could possibly be hardware - is your hard drive nearing end of life?

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