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Removing this stupid password nonsense

Ok, I'll take another stab at this problem.


I dont want a password on my companies. Its a giant pain to keep track of, and its not saving anyone from anything.  I dont store anythign that needs protecting.


I'm told the system "recognizes" Payment card data, and turns on Passwords.  Well, I dont accept credit cards, or use credit cards, or store credit card data.


So, if the password is there to secure payment card data,  and I dont have payment card data, why am I stuck using a password?


I'm not going to keep upgrading to things I dont need till we sort out why you make my life decisions for me.   I dont tell you to wear pants, or to put on a jacket because its cold. Why force me to use passwords when I dont need to.  A-M-E-R-I-C-A    


Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

Hi RobPatton,


Thanks for joining the Community. Let me clarify things out about the QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) password requirements.


Intuit depends upon proven safeguards to protect your business data and comply with the IRS security requirements. Please know that the requirements have tightened up a lot in all aspects of computing, including the accounting app. This is very important as it adds an extra security layer within your QuickBooks files.


You can refer to this article for more information: Intuit Privacy Statement.


This information should get you pointed out in the right direction about the security requirements of QuickBooks. 


If there's anything else you need, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I'm always glad to help. Have a wonderful day.

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

Your canned response is nice, but, I don't need a nanny! I agree with posters WHO DON'T WANT A PASSWORD.  I don't need a vendor protecting me from non-existent threats.  I've used Quickbooks for some 20+ years and NEVER had any reason to password protect any of the three companies it's used for.
There is no banking info; no CC info and no personal or business info in any of my files. There is NOTHING TO PROTECT. 
Intuit is trying to fix something that is not broken. I demand Intuit deliver its product without strings attached. Let me decide if I want to password protect my files, not Intuit.
As to your REF the IRS requires security . . . 
I'm not tax professional. I don't do tax prep.
Mike from Maryland

QuickBooks Team

Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

Hi @Mikesline,


I want to make sure that no one else can gain access to your company files. Passwords are intended to keep the privacy of your account.


I understand your sentiments with regards to the password in QuickBooks. I fully know that not everyone wants a password on their accounts and that you don't have any bank information stored in it.


Also, we don't intend to decide for you when it comes to setting up your company. However, QuickBooks was made to let you input your passwords for protection. It was also mandated by the IRS and Intuit that all accounts must contain a password for an extra layer of protection for your company files.


In the meantime, you can enter a password for your company files to keep them secured. Don't worry, I'll let our engineers know if your suggestions about the password.


Please let me know if you need help with anything else. I'll be sure to get back to you.

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

Thats Bulls##T.  I use other accounting software that I dont have to use a password on.  Please site an exact document from the IRS that dictated Intuit needed to FORCE users to use a password to get into their document.  


I will ask for a refund  and use some other vendors software instead.


You did this to force clients to go with an online monthly solution where greedy Intuit can charge more money.


Remove the password requirement!

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

I understand that you're upset about this, @uberboxer.


I'd want to help, but we currently don't have the option to remove the password requirement. 


We always strive to create a positive customer experience. I'd suggest you reach out to our QuickBooks Team regarding this issue. They can access your account in a secure environment and can also provide you with other options.


That said, I'm here to pass this along in my end. For other questions you may have, you can always get back back to me. I'm here to help however I can.

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

LilyC -


I appreciate you taking time to respond.....but what have you added here?  As a moderator, you added no new information, other than to state you acknowledge this is upsetting to me.


Intuit isn't reading this forum, nor will they care if I call in.  They are purposely trying to kill all desktop versions and forcing their users to use the subscription version of QuickBooks online....that is the end game here.  They have no motivation to improve the desktop version anymore, the ship has sailed.  It was a mistake to buy the 2019 version of QuickBooks Mac, I will be returning it.


Frankly, its surprising how there is no desktop or online versions of any accounting software out there, that gets favorable approvals across the board....but specifically the constant complaints about Intuit's horrible tech support continue to linger.  


For reasons beyond me, other than to rack up "moderator points", moderators on this forum often offer replies to questions, that lead to no solutions and the usual, "Im sorry your frustrated about .... (fill in the blank vanilla response)", feel free to reach out to Intuit NON-helpful tech support!

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

hi @uberboxer ,

Many of our clients are not using any password. Yes most of them are not an US based company . If you let no EIN #id on setup wizzard, password is not mandatory.


Hope it helps.

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

Hi @Fiat Lux - ASIA 


I took out my EIN number, the software still looking for the password.  Does that mean I need to start a new file without an EIN to eliminate the need for a password?



QuickBooks Team

Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

Hello uberboxer,


Taking out the Company's EIN is not an assurance that the password prompt will be removed. The Password Security in QuickBooks Desktop is designed to protect your critical data such as your Social Security Number, Company EIN, Bank Information (Routing Number, Account Number), or Vendor Tax ID.


You'll also be required to change the password every 90 days. Please see this article for more information: Password security for QuickBooks Desktop.


I'll be sure to forward your suggestion about the password to our engineers for evaluation. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know. Thanks.

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Re: Removing this stupid password nonsense

hi @uberboxer ,

Yes, you should try creating the new company and let us know what the result is.

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