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If you have a W9 for a Subcontractor - do you need to list them as a Expense/Subcontractor - we do work with some companies that do work for us, but they all are INC and I have W-9's for them - so listing them as a vendor with their W9 makes sense - but is that ok?
QuickBooks Team


Yes, that’s okay to enter the subcontractor as a Vendor, Catz.


That’s how we enter subcontractors in QuickBooks. Add them how you usually add your Vendors. If in case the subcontractor is eligible for tracking 1099, make sure that you put a check mark in the Vendor eligible for 1099 checkbox. This is to indicate that they are 1099 subcontractors.



We also have to make sure that we map the expense accounts you use to their transactions. This will help you report their 1099s. Please follow Step 4 of the article.


Let me know if you need anything else.

Level 2


I actually know that - I wasn't clear - do I need to enter the services entered in an Expense Account (like called Contractor) - even if I have if I have a W9 Or is it ok to enter it as a "non-inventory part"- with the contractor having a W9 I don't know if that makes more sense


Thanks for getting back, Catz.


You have to enter it as an expense account instead of a service item.


Whatever expense account you'll use, I suggest reaching out to your accountant.


If you need anything else, just go back to this thread.

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