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Unable to delete old mailing address on QB website.

I changed my primary address to the new address When I subsequently tried to delete the old address from the list of addresses, I received the error message "Sorry, you can't delete this address. Update it instead or contact us for more help with this." I clicked on the "contact us" link, only to be routed to a "guest" option with no help. I went back and tried to just change the old address to the new one, but nothing changed. Any help?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Unable to delete old mailing address on QB website.

Glad to have you here in the Community, @SS56


Let me help ensure you'll get the right support about updating your old mailing address. 


It seems you have tagged your question as QuickBooks Online (QBO). Just to verify, are you trying to delete your old mailing address on the Customer Account Management Portal Site (CAMPS)? If so, the error you're getting is related to your Quickbooks Desktop (QBDT).


It's possible your old mailing address is tied with a payment method, which is why you're unable to change it to the new one. To help verify this, you'll need the assistance of our QBDT Customer Support Team. They can help remove your old address and update it to the current one. Here's how: 


  1. Open the program. 
  2. Go to the Help menu at the top. 
  3. Select QuickBooks Desktop HelpContactQBDT1.PNG
  4. On the Have a Question? window, click Contact usContactQBDT2.PNG
  5. Enter your concern, then click Search
  6. Choose the best option to connect a live agent. 


For more information, you can visit this article: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team


This will point you in the right direction, @SS56.


If I can be of further assistance, please let me know. I'll gladly help.