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Vendors default expense accounts


      How do i attach multiple expense accounts to a single vendor? For example, Home Depot has several possibilities for expenses such as "tools and small equipment" "supplies and materials" "cost of goods sold" etc. Can i attach multiple DEFAULT accounts to the same vendor, or will i have to manually classify each expense as it is entered? I am using Quickbooks online simple start. Thanks

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QuickBooks Team

Vendors default expense accounts

Hello, renovator500.


I have some information about assigning a default expense account to your vendor. 


QuickBooks Online Simple Start will only let you assign a single default expense account. This is true for other versions (Essentials and above). 


Since your expenses involve multiple accounts, you'll want to manually enter the rest of the accounts as you create your transactions. 


Adding more default expense accounts to your vendor profiles could speed up the process of creating transactions. Our engineers might consider this improvement in the future. For now, I recommend checking out our QuickBooks Blog from time to time for updates on the program. 


Need to run expense reports to see how much you've spent (and other financial reports)? You can read the guides from the Financial reports topic page. 


If you have more questions about managing your vendors, add the details below and I'll help you out. Looking to sort other things in the program? I'm always open for other questions. 

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