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This series, “What’s new with QuickBooks,” summarizes software updates and new QuickBooks product features as they become available to the community. Check back frequently to learn what’s changing and how to get the most out of each update to enhance your QuickBooks experience.


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What’s New? New Product Feature


If you’re a US customer using QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus, you now have the flexibility to change your plan through an in-product workflow. The ability to upgrade and downgrade between different versions of QuickBooks Online lets both new and veteran QuickBooks users find their perfect plan with the right features.


Those considering the robust features of QuickBooks Online Plus can test the product without having to worry about being permanently locked into a higher pricing plan. New users can start with Essentials and move to Simple Start or Plus later on once they’ve fully assessed their accounting needs.


Previously, downgrading a subscription was cumbersome, requiring users to either cancel and start a new subscription or “round trip” their data over into QuickBooks Desktop and then back into a different version of QuickBooks Online.


This change was truly a customer-led effort, stemming from requests for more dynamic product subscription options. We took this feedback to heart – it was customers who encouraged our developers to deliver an in-product experience that enables everyone to find their version of QuickBooks Online (and peace of mind).



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What version is this available for? US customers who are using QuickBooks Essentials or Plus only.


 How can I start using this feature?


(flags_example3.png ) Important – before you consider a downgrade, read the full list of potential "stoppers"  and data changes associated with downgrades.


To access the downgrade in-product, QuickBooks Online Customers can go to their Billing and Subscription Tab in the Accounts and Settings Menu and search for the “Cancel” hyperlink on the page.


  • Click the Gear Icon (Gear Icon.jpg ) and select Account and Settings.

Downgrade 4.png



  • Select the Billing and Subscription Tab and scroll until you find the Cancel hyperlink. This modal includes “Change Plan” and “Contact Us” options.


Once the hyperlink is clicked, a modal will appear providing you with one of two paths:


  • If you are a QuickBooks Payroll or Payments Bundle customer, you can use either the self-service “Change my Plan” module or live chat to speak with an agent about changing your plan.

    Note - this option is only active during open chat hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST (Mountain Standard Time)

    downgrade 1.jpg


  • For all other QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus customers, you can use the self-service “Change my Plan” module or call one our agents for further assistance.

    Note - all customers will see this second option outside normal chat hours.

 downgrade 2.jpg



Now it’s your turn


For all you QuickBooks veterans, which QuickBooks product and version has been your favorite?

Best answer June 12, 2018

Best Answers
Level 11

Click this link below to downgrade QuickBooks Online Plan and follow the steps:


(Make sure you're logged in to your QBO account)

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Community Champion

Great article, James!  I can tell you that I see clients all the time that are in “overkill” with their selection of Plus with features they don’t need/use.  Then I also see the opposite.  People who need to move up and then finagle what they have to save on the pricing of the program. They end up spending more time trying to “work the system”.  I like to remind them, “time is money”. 

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Thank you for the feedback. Absolutely, it's all about finding the right tool for the right job. If you don't keep a robust inventory, QBDT might not be for you. If all you do is send a few dozen invoices a week, you may not need all that Plus has to offer. 


I like to compare QuickBooks Desktop/QuickBooks Online to Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom (I am a fan of both brands). The prior can do everything the latter can, but a tool is only valuable if it's used. If the tool is too difficult to use or bloated, it may prove detrimental to the actual process/work at hand. If this is the case, are users really getting the best use out of the product?


This point of view holds true for the different versions of QuickBooks Online. More than anything, the impulse behind the change was giving users a choice.



Let’s talk about your business – “Growing your business

Let’s talk about QuickBooks – “Do more with QuickBooks

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Community Champion

My favorite QuickBooks is still desktop Pro/Premier. To me there is so much more flexibility and customization. And when you add payroll the shortcomings of online stand out.

Cost is but one consideration and I hope I don't get someone thinking too hard but QB Pro, street price of around $200 amortized over its three year support life is only 18 cents per day, less than $6/month - far less expensive than even SImple Start. And if you need multiple companies (working on 7 in desktop right now) cost of desktop per company drops while cost per online company grows at a fixed rate of up to $50/month. 


I know the procedure with wholesale billing and could easily buy my 7 companies for a deal that still would be over $60/month MORE than my current investment. If I required multiple users and other entity hosting for true mobile access across multiple devices it would be different.


That being said, QBO Plus is my favorite online version as it comes closest to the capabilities of dekstop

Community Champion

@john-pero:  I never looked at it like $6 mo.  However, if QBO saves me hours in my week due to it’s automation and I make “x” per hour, more than the $54 savings.  it pays for itself.  


That is how I look at the apps.  I weigh the time savings.  For example, I could have one of my assistants do statements and late charge invoices etc. for a client with 400+ customers.  But I can use Invoice Sherpa at $50/mo. Do that for me.  Automated perfectly.  Could she do the job for me?  Yes, but it would cost me more to have her do it.  And now I can have her do something else that automation cannot do.  Something more advisory. 


Right now I am looking into purchasing Practice Ignition app in lieu of my free Asana program and paid for 17hats for CRM and work organization.  Yes, there is a fee to it.  But with Zapier, I can automate so many processes that I manually have to do.  I can create a Zap and from PI I can send the customer info to QBO without me having to type it in.  And then it can sync to my whole onboarding process.  Less data entry!  Yay!  How much time did I save?  Time = $.  


I am so happy to live in a time when all of this automation is just starting out.  The fact that I lived the old days (started with the green ledger book —yup I am that old), makes it more interesting.  

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@lynda, the cost saving benefits of particular workflows is invaluable, there's no doubt. Automation is worth every penny!


As @john-pero mentioned, for some, it's not just the cost savings. A few years ago, the $6 a month breakdown that would have completely driven my decision. 


Here's another way to look at it - if I am going to spend time working in any program, I want to enjoy the experience as much as possible. There are things I love about QBO that make work extremely easy (I also prefer the interface), but I'm also biased towards QBDT for the same reason as @john-pero - customization. Using tools that fit your personal preference will make your work more efficient. 


So for me, it's not only about time saved but also how that length of time is spent. 

 My latest effort – “How to Customize Reports in QuickBooks Online

Level 11

Click this link below to downgrade QuickBooks Online Plan and follow the steps:


(Make sure you're logged in to your QBO account)

View solution in original post

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Thanks for the additional resource @vpcontroller.

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