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Client apps purchased through accountants

Learn about apps available to accountants on behalf of their clients in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

QuickBooks has teamed up with multiple app developers to provide accountants who use QuickBooks Online Accountant the ability to purchase apps for their clients. These apps are available at a discounted rate.

In this article we answer some questions about how this works

Your accountant can now find, connect, and manage apps on your behalf. So if there's an app that helps you with business and your accountant with bookkeeping they may recommend it. If the app is part of the network, you'll also get a discount on the app if managed by your accountant.

Talk to your accountant today about connecting apps to your QuickBooks Online account.

Apps purchased or connected by your accountant appear in your QuickBooks Online Apps tab as Connected by Others. You can't access them unless your added as a user by the accountant.

Your accountant manages all billing related to the app subscription.

These discounts are only offered to accountants who manage apps on behalf of their clients. If you take over the subscription, the discount will no longer be offered.

If you still want to take over the app billing, have your accountant cancel your subscription before you resubscribe on your own.

To resubscribe find the app on your QuickBooks Online Apps tab, select Get App Now, and, when prompted, select Switch Admin.

Note Every app handles data retention differently, so we can't guarantee that an app will preserve your data if you resubscribe on your own. If you are unsure if the app will save your data, reach out to the developer's support.

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