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Turn on payments and send online invoices in QuickBooks Commerce

Learn how to turn on payments in QuickBooks Commerce so you can accept online payments from your customers.

There’s no need to manually collect payments or download data from a third-party processor. Connect your QuickBooks Payments account in QuickBooks Commerce so you can get payments for your invoices faster. Here’s how.

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Note: For best practice, record your payments in QuickBooks Commerce to simplify your order management workflows.

Step 1: Turn on online payments

Here’s how to connect your QuickBooks Payments account to QuickBooks Commerce.

  1. Go to Settings, then select Payments
  2. Select Connect QuickBooks Payments.
    Note: Payments will automatically turn on if it’s already connected to your QuickBooks Online account. If not, you’ll be redirected to Account and Settings in QuickBooks Online to complete the connection.

You’ll receive an email once the connection is complete. It can take a couple of hours for Payments to be connected. Once connected, you don’t need to reconnect your bank accounts.

Turn on online payments for specific customers

If you don’t want all your customers to have online payments, you can change the online payments settings of specific customers only. Here’s how. 

  1. Go to Relationships.
  2. Find the customer you want to turn on or off payments for.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. From the Allow payments on invoices dropdown ▼ menu, select Yes to turn on or No to turn off.

Step 2: Send an online invoice

After you turn on payments, you can now send an online payment-enabled invoice to your customer. 

  1. On your customer’s invoice, select Email and select Send to send it to your customer’s email. 
  2. When your customer receives the email, they can select the link to the invoice and select Pay Now. This redirects them to QuickBooks Payments.
  3. Your customer fills out their payment details to make a payment.

    Tip: You can manage the available payment methods for your customers in QuickBooks Online. Simply go to Settings and select Account and Settings, then Select Payments.

Once the payment is successful, you and your customer will receive an email notification from QuickBooks. 

How sync works in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Commerce

The payable amount of an invoice in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Commerce is always in sync. Regardless of how the payment is applied (like via a cash payment in QB Commerce, automatic credit memo application in QBO, online payment in QB Commerce, etc), these will sync in both apps.

Process a refund

When your customer asks for a refund, you can refund the payment in QuickBooks Online. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Payments section of your customer’s invoice, select the small arrow ▼icon next to the payment amount, then select Refund/Void
  2. Select Proceed to QuickBooks Online to go to the transaction in QuickBooks Online. 
  3. To refund the payment, select More on the footer, then select Refund/Void.

After you refund the transaction in QuickBooks Online, the payment status will also update in QuickBooks Commerce. 

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