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Void or refund customer payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Learn how to void or refund payments you process through QuickBooks Point of Sale.

If you have QuickBooks Payments, you can take and process customer credit card payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Sometimes you may need to void or refund payments. Here's how to void or refund a payment transaction in QuickBooks Point of Sale, or give customers credit.

When you can void or refund a transaction

  • Point of Sale payment transactions batch at 12:00 AM local time every business day. If the payment transaction hasn’t batched, you can void the transaction. Learn more about processing times here.  If you’re able to void the transaction prior to the payment processing, you’ll avoid a fee.
  • If the payment transaction has already batched, you’ll need to give your customer a refund. You can refund the whole amount or refund specific products, services or fees. Also, keep in mind there are fees for refunding transactions. Learn more about fees for refunded transactions.

Void a payment transaction

  1. From the home screen, select the Sales History icon.
  2. Select the sales receipt you want to void the payment for.
  3. Select Reverse.
  4. If the payment can still be voided, you’ll see a confirmation message that it was successful. In the Sales History, you’ll also see a new return receipt that offsets the original sales receipt, so your books stay up to date.

Refund a customer payment

You can refund the payment to a credit card, give cash back, or give the customer credit towards a future purchase.

Refund credit cards and cash payments

You can refund specific items or the entire amount from a past purchase.

  1. On the QuickBooks Point of Sale homepage, select Point of Sale, then New Return Receipt.
  2. Search for the customer name or the receipt number. Then select the correct sales receipt.
  3. Add the returned item(s) to the refund receipt. Enter the quantity for each line item and select the Return box. Note: The Return Qty on the return receipt should be a positive number.
  4. Select Add selected items.
  5. On the Sales Receipt payment screen, select Credit or Cash for the payment method.
  6. If you select Credit, swipe the customer’s card or select Manual to enter the credit card information. Then select Authorize Now.
  7. Select Save & Print to print a new receipt.
  8. Ask the customer to sign the merchant copy.

Tip: After you create the refund receipt, consider crossing out returned items on the original receipt.

Give customers credit

There may be times when you prefer to give your customers credit, rather than a refund.

  1. In QuickBooks Point of Sale, select the Make a Sale screen.
  2. Enter the customer's name and open their account. Or if they're a new customer, select Add Customer to create a new account for them.
  3. Select the Account button.
  4. In the Charge Amount field, enter the refund amount as a negative number.
  5. Select Save. If a new customer doesn't have a charge account yet, you must enter a Credit Limit for them and select Use Charge Account for This Customer.

If you also use QuickBooks Desktop to handle your account, QuickBooks automatically creates a credit memo to balance your accounts.

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