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Fix online banking issues in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Learn how to fix common online banking issues in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

Online banking lets you connect your bank to QuickBooks. If you get a problem during set up or you can't download transactions, don't worry. We have tips and troubleshooting steps on how to fix them.


Find out how to fix online banking set up problems.

My bank isn’t listed in the Financial Institution (FI) list

Can’t find your bank on the FI list? Try this.

Solution 1: Verify your banking info

Solution 2: Refresh the FI list

QuickBooks updates the FI list once a day. Close QuickBooks and reopen it, then try to set up online banking again.

Solution 3: Download a new Financial Institution Directory (FiDir) file

  1. Quit QuickBooks.
  2. Open the User\Library\Application Support\QuickBooks\Downloads folder, and keep it in view.
  3. Delete the FIDir.txt and FI.Blueprint.xml files.
  4. Open QuickBooks.
  5. Observe the User\Library\Application Support\QuickBooks\Downloads folder. You should see both FIDir.txt and FI.Blueprint.xml after the Patcher disappears.

I’m not sure where my account is held

Banks offer online services in different ways and costs in different areas. Usually, the options represent geographical areas. Select the option that best represents your location. If you’re unsure, contact your bank.

My bank is telling me to enter info that’s not in QuickBooks

The instructions the support agent gave you might be for the other connection method than the one you want to use. Ensure the support agent is clear about which service you want to use. Not all banks support both Direct Connect and Web Connect.

Direct Connect doesn’t work

If you can’t set up Direct Connect, make sure that:

  • Your bank supports Direct Connect. You can check your bank’s website or contact them.
  • Your customer ID and password/PIN is correct.
  • You can sign in to your bank’s website outside of QuickBooks. If you can’t sign in, there’s a problem with your bank’s servers.

Find out how to fix Web Connect download and import problems.

When I import the .qbo file, the Continue tab is grayed out and I don’t see the account

You may get this problem for several reasons. Try this.

Solution 1: Set up Web Connect

If you’re importing a .qbo file for the first time, ensure you already set up Web Connect.

Solution 2: Edit the problem account

  1. In QuickBooks, go to Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the account. This unlinks it from imported online transactions.
  3. Select Edit in the Action window.
  4. Select the Online Settings tab.
  5. On the Download Transactions window, select Not enabled, then Save.
  6. On the Edit Account window, select OK.
  7. Create a duplicate of the account, but give it a different name.
  8. Rename the original account with the same name of the duplicate.
  9. Import the file.

I can’t download transactions after I moved from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

You must set up online banking again for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. After this, try to download and import your transactions.

QuickBooks tells me it can’t import the .qbo file I downloaded

The .qbo file might be damaged. Try to download the file again and import it to QuickBooks.

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