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Add multiple bank charges to one bill?

I have several suppliers that have many locations all over around the country. Sometimes I send them one purchase order and if they don't have all the items available in my city, they will ship the missing ones from another location. But then, instead of having one bank charge for that bill, I will have 2, 3 or more charges that sum the amount on the purchase order and bill. This happens at least twice a week. So, how dow I add multiple bank charges to one bill? 

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QuickBooks Team

Add multiple bank charges to one bill?

Thank you for posting in the Community, JAlfie.


You came to the right place, matching transactions in QuickBooks Online is my specialty, so let me lend you a hand in adding your bank charges to the bill.


Thank you for the details that you provided. I want to guarantee that I provide you with the best solution, and this is exactly what I need to do that.


Based on what you've mentioned, it should be pretty simple to add the charges by matching them individually to your bill. The following steps will guide you on how to do it:

  1. Go to the Banking page, and make sure to select the correct bank account.
  2. Find the charge and click it to highlight.
  3. Select Find match.
  4. Change the From and To dates if necessary.
  5. Check the correct Bill.
  6. Hit Save, then repeat this process from step 3 for the other charges.

I've also included a few screenshots below that you can use as a reference. For additional information on this, I recommend the following article: How to add and match downloaded banking transactions


That should do it! You'll be all set with your bank charges and bill after you follow these steps.


You're always in good hands here in the Community. If you need more help with your bank transactions to reach out to me again. Wishing you a lovely day.


Match Bank Transactions.PNG Match Bank Transactions 2.PNG Match Bank Transactions 3.PNG Repeated steps.PNG Repeated steps 2.PNG

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