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Are Square Non-Matching deposits cash payments?

My bank deposit from Square I see my Square Credit Card Payments, Square Fees, and "Square Non-Matching Payment". Since I started seeing non-matching payments from sync with Square, I've also had on my P&L "Unapplied Cash Payment Income"   The Error Logs to review my data sync for errors, there are many failed payments. When I hit the "retry" button it does not resolve the issue. 
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QuickBooks Team

Are Square Non-Matching deposits cash payments?

Hello, soutiea82. I'm happy to see you as a new member in the Community. You can get help with many things here, like this.

Yes, the ones that aren't linking properly would be cash transactions imported from Square. When it's using terms like "Non-Matching" and "Unapplied", it's displaying that they're not matched to an invoice. To fix this, you'll want to match each of them to an invoice.

First you'll want to run the open invoices report. You can do this by going to Reports, then in the Find report by name area, enter Open Invoices. Choose the report period and Run report. In the Transaction Type section, locate one listed as a Payment. If it matches to an invoice, input the date and check the open invoice under Outstanding Transactions, then Save and close to confirm your changes.

If the payment doesn't match, you'll need to create the open invoice, so that it can link to it. Here's how:
1. Go to + New, then pick the Invoice option under the Customers section.
2. Complete the form with the same customer, amount, and date as the one you'd like to connect it to. Next, click on Save and Close.
3. Return to the Open Invoices report and locate the unapplied transaction. Input the date to open it.
4. Beneath Outstanding Transactions, choose the open invoice. Save and Close.
5. Verify in your Open Invoices report if there's any other transactions listed as a payment. If you see any, repeat the same steps to get them matched up with an invoice. 

Now you can run your Profit and Loss report again and you should no longer see the unapplied cash income.

Let me know if this works for you. I'll be here to help if you have any questions. 

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