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QuickBooks Team

Yes there are, susan-duncan.


In terms of the features, QuickBooks Mobile app has limitations that is based on three variables: model type , user interface and the operating system, you can check this comparison chart to give you more details about the available features: Compare mobile app features.


Let me know if you have questions in mind. I'm ready to answer them all. Have a good one.

Level 1

No i still need help.  Using my iPad , I cannot seem to edit the fields in banking where i need to split expenses or add vendor, etc. I am not using the App, i am going online to access the QB accounts. Please advise



Level 1

I still need help.  using my iPad Pro, i am unable to edit any of the banking fields.  For instance, when I click on a transaction and attempt to split expense or add vendor, etc. those fields are “locked to me”.  I do have admin rights, as far as I was told.  Please advise.


Thank you


I'm here to help you fix the locked fields when editing any of the banking transactions in iPad Pro, Susan.  


You're on the right track in verifying your access that you have admin rights. The app's version might be outdated. That's why you're unable to split expenses or add vendors in the app. 


To help fix this, let's make sure your app's version is 9.3 or later. Just go to Settings and select General. Then, tap Software Update.


If the same thing happens, the stored app data may be full. Thus, it's the best way to clear them to boost their performance. I'll guide you how. 

  1. Go to the Menu (Three Horizontal Lines) icon. 
  2. Select Help & Feedback.
  3. Choose Refresh Data.
  4. Click Refresh.


Also, you can remove cached data in your device settings. You'll have to select Setting General iPhone Storage and choose QuickBooks Online. Then, tap Offload App. For more details, see the third step through this article: Troubleshooting Quick-Start Guide for QuickBooks Online App. This link also covers additional steps to resolve most app-related issues, such as uninstalling and reinstalling it. 


Additionally, I'd suggest using this chart through this article: Features Availability in Mobile App. You'll have to go back to the iPad column. From there, you'll learn more about the other features available in this app, such as manually refreshing bank feeds. 


You can count me in if there's anything else you need. Take care always, Susan.  

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