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Bank Accounts and PayPal Not Syncing The Past Week

Since last week, my regular bank accounts are not connecting. I get the 105 error of There Was a Problem Connecting to Your Bank, try again. All week long! Once I got a tiny update on the 14th, but that' been it. 


And, the PayPal connect app says it's updated. The Dashboard shows I have over 100 transactions to review, but when I go to the PayPal account in Banking, nothing is there to review. I know for a fact I have transactions. I have clicked on Update for everything multiple times a day.


I got on support, and was told the PayPal thing was a known error and being worked on. But a week has gone by with no fix. 


I have cleared my caches. Tried both Safari and Chrome and tried a private incognito browser in Chrome. I'm so frustrated that I'm now a full week behind on my bookkeeping. Anyone else have any solutions or having the same issues? We pay a lot for Quickbooks. I feel like we deserve a credit back to our accounts if we can't use it for a full week.

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QuickBooks Team

Bank Accounts and PayPal Not Syncing The Past Week

I don't want you to feel this inconvenience, @hollypixels


Also, thank you for performing those troubleshooting steps. 


You’ll encounter this error 105 with your bank when QuickBooks Online (QBO) is unable to reach your bank's website. This is sometimes caused by scheduled maintenance on the bank’s end.


You can refresh your bank connection to resolve this. Just go to your Banking menu, select the bank and click on the Update button. Check this article for more information: Fix banking error 102 and 105


I can see that there’s an ongoing issue in syncing the transactions from PayPal to QuickBooks. Our Banking team is already aware of this and working on fixing the connection between PayPal and QuickBooks.


To constantly receive an update about this, you can be added to the email list by contacting out to our Product Support Team. Then, let them add you to Investigation No. 44162.  You’ll then receive an email notification once we resolve the issue.


For the meantime, you can add your PayPal transactions by downloading from your website, then importing it to your QBO account. Here's more information: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online. From here, you can now categorize and then reconcile the transactions.


Let me know if there's anything that I can help with your transactions. I'm always here to assist. Keep safe and have a wonderful day!

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