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Bank depoits

Before QB I used an excel spread sheet to keep track of my customer invoices. Now that I have QB - desktop- I've been using it for invoices etc. I'm reconciling my bank statements/deposits.  I have this customer who payed his orders/open invoices that I had on my excel spread sheet and do not have them in QB. How should I enter this deposit in QB to match my bank statement. Also the invoices were from the end of 2017.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Bank depoits

Good day, @Eve2019.


Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Desktop in running your business. I can help you enter your customers invoices, that way you can reconcile your books.


For recording purposes, you have to enter the invoices and their payments.

  1. Click Customers.
  2. Choose Create invoices.
  3. Enter the important information.
  4. Click Receive Payments.
  5. Click Yes on the pop up message.
  6. Enter the necessary information.
  7. Click Save & Close.


For more insights, please check this article: Record a payment for an invoice. After recording the transactions, you're ready to reconcile your account.


That's it. Let me know if you have additional questions about transactions. I'd be around to help you more. Have a good one!

Community Backer **

Re: Bank depoits

Thank you so much!



QuickBooks Team

Re: Bank depoits

You're most welcome, @Eve2019.


Please know that the Community is a one-stop shop for help about QuickBooks, and you can post anytime if you have questions. Wishing you continued success.

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