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bank deposit returned

I recently added my bank account and accepted my first payments on my business qb account. the deposit was returned by my bank do to account names not matching(attached my personal account by accident) I have now attached my [paypal business account and need my money redeposited but cant figure out where the money is in QuickBooks, and how do I redeposit into proper account?

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

bank deposit returned

Let me help you deposit the payment transaction to the correct account, chefmattu.


If you've already created the deposit, we can run the Deposit Detail report. Then, open the transaction and choose the correct bank in the Account field. 


Here's how:


  1. Click Reports on the left side menu.
  2. Enter Deposit Detail in the search report field.
  3. Choose the date in the Report period field.
  4. Tick the Run report button.
  5. Under the Transaction Type column, select the Deposit transaction.
  6. Hit the Account drop-down and choose the correct bank.
  7. Tap Save and close.
  8. Press Yes to confirm. 

If the bank deposit is not yet entered, just manually record them to post them in your PayPal business account. For the steps and details, check out this article: Record and make Bank Deposits in QuickBooks Online.


To learn more about handling your deposits, refer to this link: Add and edit bank deposits.


I've got a link here that provides you with articles about managing your bank transactions:


Keep me posted if you need a hand with reconciling your accounts or any QBO related. Wishing you and your business continued success. Keep safe and healthy.

Level 1

bank deposit returned

so on the deposits screen  it says my money is in the bank, but it was returned by my bank. now I cant find where the money is and how I can deposit it into my paypal or to my debit card

QuickBooks Team

bank deposit returned

There are several reasons why a deposit was returned or rejected, chefmattu. 


I suggest logging into your QuickBooks Payments account and check the deposit status. You can check the how to fix rejected QuickBooks Payments deposits or fees article to know more about the reason and a resolution to it. 


Here are a few references that we can also look into about Find out when QuickBooks Payments deposits customer payments and Common questions about payments deposits in QuickBooks Online


I'll be here if you need more help. Take care!

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