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Bank Feed problems

I am using QuickBooks Online. The Bank Feed will periodically only update the balance but no Transactions come through. I am at the end of June and finding that there are transactions that never came through the bank feed at the beginning of the month. We are connected to 1st Source Business. My first method to fix is to disconnect the bank account and then reconnect it. That doesn't always work. my next recourse is to manually download and import the missing transactions, however, then after a few more updates (sometimes weeks later) the missing transactions would suddenly come through the bank feed and now I have a bunch of duplicate transactions that need to be cleaned up. Total Waste of time but I can't reconcile without the missing transactions and I can't wait a week or two for the system to finally send old transactions through. Note: the Bank Balance always Updates and is correct. Why aren't the transactions updating and coming through the bank feed when the balance does? The system is obviously communicating with the bank as the Bank Balance is updating correctly in QBO.

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Re: Bank Feed problems

Hello Jalbright,


It sounds like you've been through a lot. Let me take care of you and help fix the bank balance in QuickBooks Online.


Since you've already tried the recommended steps to resolve the missing transactions, let's make sure you can log into you bank's website using the URL the financial institution has provided for Online Banking.


Here's how to get the bank's URL:

  1. Select Banking on the left pane, then click Add account.
  2. Search the name of your financial institution.
  3. Click the link for the website.

Once you’ve opened it, make sure you can access the accounts. Then, confirm that you can see the account summary, account history and details without any errors.


Also, try looking for a message, notification, or alert from your bank indicating that something isn't working as it should be.


Here's an article with more troubleshooting steps: What to do if bank transactions won't download.


Keep me posted on how things go after following these steps. I'll be here if you need any assistance. Have a good one.