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bank reconciliation

In QBO, I received payment on 3 invoices (3 different customers) and deposited them to undeposited funds.  I made the deposit of money from all three invoices from the undeposited account to the bank account.  When I went to the banking screen to match this deposit there was no match.  Instead there were two deposits TOTALING the same amount as the deposit for the 3 invoices.  Client did a manual deposit for cash received, and a separate deposit was made for debit card payments received (thru credit/debit card terminal).  How do I reconcile my bank account.. In banking screen "Add" is next to the two actual bank deposits made.  

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Anna S
QuickBooks Team

bank reconciliation

Thanks for joining the Community, @hhbookkeeper.


Based on the details you provided about your client's reconciliation, I can inform you that the two deposits in the banking tab won't match a single deposit in QuickBooks Online. This means if you want them to match, you'll need to recreate what happened in real life by making the single deposit into two separate deposits. Afterward, you can match the two individual deposits to the two separate deposits you made.


I'm only a comment away if you have any questions or concerns. Best wishes!

Level 2

bank reconciliation

I'm not sure I understand what you're meaning.  I have 3 invoice payments that were deposited via quickbooks online ...But the two actual bank deposits made don't coincide with the invoice amounts.   e.g.

Invoice 1     $199.28 

Invoice 2     $603.84

Invoice 3     $545.97

Total            $1349.09


Deposit slip 1    $507.37

Deposit slip 2    $841.72

Total                   $1349.09


Can I just click "add" in the reconcile window for these two deposits since they total the 3 invoices that were recorded, paid, and deposited in QBO?  

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