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basic understanding


I am new with QUICKBOOKS (QB) and I try to handle the accounting of my US online shop ( from Munich Germany. I have set up my Woocommerce shop (WC) with STRIPE (credit card payment) and WellsFargo (WF), a PayPal account and QB. 

Sales are imported from WC into QB and show up in SALES (e.g. 255 USD) incl. all order details.

QB also pulls the same order / payment from WF which is 247 USD (fees from STRIPE deducted, but all details are gone. Just the amount is left over.

Here are my questions:

  1. Does QB add those amounts to 255 + 247 income?
  2. Is there a way to keep the order details through STRIPE and WF for QB
  3. How do I connect the 2 amounts to one sale? Or do I have to do this?
  4. Do I just assign the 247 USD as a SALE in "Category" and ADD it to QB?
  5. Do I connect the 2 amounts in the  RECONCILIATION process?

Is there somebody out there who can give me and my wife some simple answers on the phone or even better, look at a shared screen? Of course not for free!

Any help would be highly appreciated!




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QuickBooks Team

basic understanding

Hi marcusk,


Adding the amounts automatically is unavailable in QBO. The WF, Stripe, and WC will directly affect your sales transaction. You have full control to add/match transactions in QBO.


As much as we would love to keep the order details, QBO is dependent on the information your merchant program shares. You'll want to consult them about it.


You can connect the amounts by adding/finding them in the register. Assigning them as Sale in the category is an option. Using your bank statement will help you add/connect these amounts during reconciliation.


You might also want to check out these articles for more information: Add and match downloaded banking transactionsReconcile your accounts.


Please know that we're here if you need help with anything else. Feel free to reply. Thanks.

Malcolm Ziman
Level 10

basic understanding

@marcusk wrote:


Sales are imported from WC into QB and show up in SALES (e.g. 255 USD) incl. all order details.


What app are you using for this?

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