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Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

So, I have downloaded my statements for years into quickbooks desktop for two accounts.   This month I can not do it for one of accounts.  They are both from the same bank.  I have tried manually downloading the statement and then opening it and also downloading it thru quickbooks desktop.  I have attached the 

QuickBooks Team

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

Hi there, bubbska.


I'll provide information so you'll get the file imported to QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks only accept .QBO files when uploading bank transactions using WebConnect. Since you're getting an error message, it's possible that you're using a file type that isn't supported in QuickBooks Desktop. That said, I'd suggest contacting your bank to verify how you can download your transactions and what file they are supporting. Then, you can click this article to see our supported version of the file format: File types and extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop.


Then, follow the steps below on how you can download your bank transactions using Web connect.


  1. Click the Banking menu. Then, select Bank Feeds, then Import Web Connect Files.
  2. Choose the QBO file you saved, then select Open.
  3. When prompted to Select Bank Account, choose either Use an existing QuickBooks account or Create a new QuickBooks account.
  4. Click Continue. You'll see a dialogue box telling you that the data has been successfully read into QuickBooks. Hit OK.
  5. Go to the Bank Feeds Center to review your transactions.


For additional information, you can click this article: Import web connect (.qbo) files


Please also check this article to see different troubleshooting steps to fix import issues in QuickBooks Desktop: Fix Web Connect import errors.


Please visit us again in the Community if you have other questions about importing your bank transactions. I'll be here to help.

Level 1

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

It is a qbo. file.



Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

You'll want to redownload the .QBO file, bubbska.


The file might have been corrupted which is causing the error. After redownloading, import the file directly to QBDT without customizing it.


If the same error persists, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Desktop support to check your account further.


Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your QBDT account. Then click Help.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help or press F1.

Check out this article: Fix Web Connect import errors. This article has detailed steps on how to resolve Web Connect errors.


Let me know if you have other questions. 

Level 2

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

I struggled with a similar problem for a couple of days but found a solution that worked well:


You may want to go through all steps; step 4 in the article below did the trick for me:

Level 1

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

I will try that.  Thanks!

Level 1

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

I have redownloaded the file a lot of times.  Same Problem.  

QuickBooks Team

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

Hello, @bubbska.


You can switch the banking modes in your QuickBooks company file then download your transactions again. I can guide you on how to it.

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Hover over Bank Feeds.
  3. Select Change Bank Feeds Mode.
  4. From the Bank Feeds section, select Classic mode (Register mode).
  5. Then follow the steps to import the .qbo file.

You can read through this article for detailed steps in resolving unexpected errors when managing your downloaded bank transactions: Fix Web Connect import errors (Proceed to Solution 5).


If the issue persists, I'd suggest contacting our Technical Support team. This way, a specialist can securely look into your account and further investigate the root cause of the error you've received.


Let me know how the call goes or if there's anything else I can help. You can tag me when adding a reply. Have a good one.

Level 1

Can't open downloaded transactions for bank account

Thanks for the info.  I tried it idid not work.




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