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Cannot connect to Citi Bank

After click add bank account from Citi, it pumps up a new window to let me login to my bank account.

After typed in my login essentials, it went to a new page showed "by selecting Authorize Access, you're directing Citi to give intuit access immediately to information from following accounts, and all other accounts currently linked to your User ID when Citi makes that information available xxxxx"


BUT!!! after scroll down to the last part of the page, the only two buttons are 

1. Authorize Access ---- which are not clickable, it's grey (see attached img)

2. Cancel ---- the only thing I can do!!


What's wrong with it? I tried many times in different days, in different times, in different browsers, and in different computers! 


Please help! I need to sync Citi expenses for my business!




Community Manager

Re: Cannot connect to Citi Bank

Hello sunnie,


Aside from the troubleshooting steps you've done, we can escalate this to our engineers. I encourage you to contact our Support Team. They can take note of this issue and pass it along for further investigation. 


Here's how toreach us:


  1. On mobile: Tap the green + button on the bottom right of any page, then choose Ask QB Assistant.
    On web: Select Assistant at the top right.
  2. Start asking QB Assistant questions, like How much have I made this year? or How many business miles did I log?

Ask QB Assistant to contact us:

  1. Type talk to human.
  2. Select your preferred support method, Chat or Email.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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Re: Cannot connect to Citi Bank

still waiting for cs email reply