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The Chart of Accounts allows for an entry for a "Description" as to what an account is used for.


Is there any way for this "Description" to appear on the screen registers when you are entering a bill or creating a check.


I am trying to get clarity for other users when we are entering bills. It would be helpful if they could see a detailed description as to what a particular expense account is used for.


Is there anyway to do this?

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QuickBooks Team

Chart of Accounts Register

Hello, @Blackhorse


I have some insight on viewing the description when entering a bill or creating a check.


Currently, the only place to see that description is in the COA. I can see how having other options would be beneficial to your company so I am going to be submitting feedback on your behalf to our product developers. They use this information when deciding what improvements to make. 


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Chart of Accounts Register



Unfortunately, such an option is currently not available in QuickBooks yet.


But it's a great idea if QB can have a feature option available like just hover the mouse arrow over the account name and your description message will appear in a small pop-up box. This would be a very helpful tool to have when entering transactions.


Be sure to fend them feedback.

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Chart of Accounts Register

Hey @Blackhorse,


I agree with others on the thread that having a short preview description appear when entering transactions would be an excellent edition. Generally, I sequence out my accounts and sub-accounts with descriptive names so I can quickly differentiate between accounts with similar names. For instance:

  • Utilities
    • Water
      • San Jose Municipal (water)
    • Electric 
      •  (Company 1) (Electric)
    • Internet/Phone
      • (Company 1) (Phone)
      • (Local internet 1) (Phone)
      • (Local internet 1) (Internet)

By giving specific names (I used Company 1 as a generic) and adding the ([name of expense]) at the end, I can quickly differentiate entries on a list. Plus, I won't be confused for cases when I use the same vendor for different expenses. 

Some folks might say it's redundant to add so many levels of detail, but in the future, if I ever change vendors/providers, I can easily bucket the collective total and separate spend for specific vendors. 

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