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Connecting credit card accounts with multiple cardholders

I just opened a new Visa credit card for my business through our main bank. When I went through the process of connecting the account to QuickBooks Online, I was only given the option to connect the parent account rather than the accounts of the individual cardholders. QuickBooks recognized that there was a balance on the card, but it wouldn't download any of the individual transactions. Furthermore, I really need to be able to track the transactions by cardholder because they represent different funding sources and they need to be reminded to turn in receipts. I did not encounter this problem with the previous credit card.


Is this just a less sophisticated website that is unable to recognize the different accounts communicate with QuickBooks, or is there some workaround that I'm missing? I can live without it, but I'd like to troubleshoot if possible because that bank feed is one of the best features of QuickBooks Online, in my opinion. Thank you in advance!

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Connecting credit card accounts with multiple cardholders

Hello there, HNVfinance,


Let me help you connect your accounts in QuickBooks Online.


Before connecting your credit card account for online banking, you must identify how your bank sends the downloaded transactions. If your transactions are downloaded to the individual cardholder's account, you'll need to connect the sub-accounts instead of the parent account.


Right now, we're unable to connect both parent and sub-accounts in QBO. Follow the steps below to connect your sub-accounts:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Under Your Company, select Chart of Accounts.
  3. Locate the account to connect.
  4. From the Action column, select View Register.
  5. Select Connect bank.
  6. Follow the prompts to connect your bank account.


That's it, HNVfinance. You can also check out this article to know more about connecting your credit card accounts in QuickBooks: How to Add and Connect Bank and Credit Card Accounts


Please keep me posted if you have any questions with QuickBooks. I'm here to assist you anytime.

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Connecting credit card accounts with multiple cardholders

Hi Jen_D,


Thanks for the response. It looks like the transaction are downloaded to the parent account, which is why I'm not seeing the sub-accounts as options when trying to connect the bank. This doesn't really work for my purposes, so I'll continue using the process we had before connecting banks was an option. 


On another note, when I followed your steps, I did not see any option to connect a bank once I selected View Register from the Chart of Accounts. I had already figured out how to do it through the banking page, so not a problem. I just wondered what I was supposed to see. All I have is an option to Reconcile in the top right corner.


Thanks again for the assistance!

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