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Connection to Bank stopped working (No updates in 20 days)

Our organization's business checking acccount was connected to QuickBooks and receiving updates for over a year every few days or so.  Now, we haven't received an update in 20 days even though a transaction posted during that time.  After checking with the bank, they said it was an Intuit issue - everything was fine on their end.  (Going to BANKING / ADD ACCOUNT shows that the account is already connected.)  Should I Disconnect and Reconnect - hopefully without loosing anything - as a possible way to get automatic updates to resume?  Any other options?


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Connection to Bank stopped working (No updates in 20 days)



There have been a lot of banks making changes with the way the allow applications ( including Intuit) utilize their data. Recently we have personally been experiencing issues with Chase Bank ( which normally is flawless) and Capital One ( which always seems to be disconnecting).

Could you provide us a little more detail about what institiution is causing you the challenge?


From the language you used I believe you are speaking about QuickBooks Online compared to QuickBooks Desktop but if I am mistaken, please let me know and I will try to provide you another solution.


Options 1: Update your credentials

Click on the pencil icon on the display box for the account you are having difficulty with and select Edit sign-in info.

Enter your login credentials and the account should make an attempt to reconnect.

Pay close attention to where your prior transaction imports ended to ensure that you do not bring in accidental duplicates. Worst case, this can easily be resolved by completing a reconciliaiton.

Option 2: Complete Disconnect and Add the account Again

Click on the pencil icon on the display box for the account you are having difficulty with and select Edit account info.

On the new pop up screen, select the disconnect ths account on save

Select Add account to  add the account back to QuickBooks Online.

Once again pay close attention to where your transactions left off and either reduce the total days allowed to import or remove the transactions once the bank feed reconnects.


Option 3: Import a QBO or OFX file directly from your bank

Back in the banking screen select the drop down arrow next to update

Select File Upload

Select the correct account to import your transaction into.

VERY IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the timefram of the missing transactions and to follow up with an account reconciliation



Level 1

Connection to Bank stopped working (No updates in 20 days)

My connection with Huntington has been non-existent since 11/27/2017, and while I appreciate the one monthly notification that they still have not fixed it, I do not appreciate the work involved for my 160 Huntington Bank Accounts that I am not manually downloading and uploading.

When I asked QB Support-Diamond Level-I was told that QB doesn't have a policy to refund fees. I am migrating to XERO. Customer service with QB is nonexistent.

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