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Couldn't proceed to connect my credit cards?

Hi Team!

I recently deleted my old credit card connection since it was old and transactions are not pulling anymore even if you update it in Banking Tab. 

Accounts were successfully deleted in COA and when I'm about to reconnect a new credit card/s it prompts me that the account has a subaccount that is already connected to an account at one of my banks.

Anyone experienced this? I've already went over the list of inactive COA and there were no connected accounts either.

Hope to hear!


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Re: Couldn't proceed to connect my credit cards?

Hello Jep,


Have you tried checking the Banking page to see if the deleted credit card account still exists?


If it does, we'll need to disconnect and delete the account again. You can use this article for reference: Disconnect or Delete an Account From the Downloaded Transactions Page.


If the account is already removed from the Banking page, we can get rid of the cache-related issues by doing browser troubleshooting steps:

  1. Use a private browser and connect the bank/credit card account again.
  2. If you can do it successfully, we can clear the cache storage of your regular browser.
  3. Otherwise, you can use other supported browsers.

Let me know how this goes so we know what step we can do next. I'll be around.