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Credit card id not matching?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Credit card id not matching?

Hello there, @gblackman.


Glad to see you here in the Community. Let me share a few details before updating your credit card information in QuickBooks Online (QBO) to match it with your online banking credentials.


If you have an existing connection and you recently update your banking credentials on your bank's website, you also need to update your bank's username and password in your QB Online company. Thus, keeping your credit card account stay updated and connected.


Here's how:


1. Go to Banking from the left menu, then choose Banking.
2. Select the blue tile for the bank account you want to update.
3. Click the Pencil icon, then Edit sign-in info.
4. Enter the same login details that you use in your online banking.
5. Click Update.


Your credit card account  should now be successfully connected with QB Online as it matches the information with your online banking.


If this is a new bank connection with QB Online, make sure to select the right bank and the correct credit card account. Then, enter your banking credentials correctly as you connect. For more information, you can also see Connect Bank and Credit Card Accounts to QuickBooks Online.


For future reference, read through our help article: How to Reconcile Accounts. It will help you learn about how to compare the transactions listed in your QB Online company file with your bank or credit card statements to make sure they match.


Feel free to write again if you need anything else. We're always glad to support you. Have a delightful day ahead!








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