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credit card posting

For a long time when I post my expenses in my credit card account it posts it also into my checking account which makes a real mess because then my checking account balance is incorrect.

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QuickBooks Team

credit card posting

Thanks for posting in the QuickBooks Community, Melissa8.

I can help clarify why your expenses are posted to the checking account.


This can happen if you input them via the Write Check window. I'm here to point you in the right direction for posting credit card expenses.

You’ll have to enter them via the Enter credit card charges window. This is to put the amount you owe in the credit card account of the Chart of Accounts.

If you haven’t created the account yet, then let’s setup one. I’ll walk you through the steps.

Here’s how:


  1. Go to Lists at the top menu bar, then select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select Credit Card, then select Continue.
  3. On the Add New Account window, enter the credit card name.
  4. Select Enter Opening Balance and based on your credit card statement.
  5. Enter your Statement Ending Balance and Statement Ending Date, then select OK.
  6. Click Save & Close.

Once done, you’ll now be able to input the credit card expenses. For detailed instructions, follow the steps found in this article and going directly to the Enter credit card charges section: Set up, use, and pay credit card accounts.

Please feel free to let me know how it goes by posting a comment below. I want to make sure this is taken care of for you. Wishing you well.


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