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Data was uploaded but can to see

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Data was uploaded but can to see

Hi there, @chesdinboats,


Missing information after an import or other unexpected behaviors in QuickBooks Online are sometimes affected by issues in the web browser. Did you log in to a private window, and see if the same thing happens?


If you haven't done that yet, use following keyboard shortcuts to open a private window for different browsers:


Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N  

Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P

Internet Explorer: press Ctrl Shift P

Safari: press Command Shift N


If you can see the data there, clear the browser's cache. This method removes the history in the cache to start with a clean slate.


However, if you're referring to a recent conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO not showing any changes even in a private browser, redo the conversion. Follow the steps provided in this article: Move your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online.


Let me know what you find or if you need further help. I'll be right here when you need additional help. Have a lovely day!

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