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Delete a payment after account reconciled

June is reconciled and they marked an invoice paid by accident. There was no money received. Is there a way of deleting the payment without having to re-reconcile the account.?


Re: Delete a payment after account reconciled

I'm glad to have you here in the Community, Clarify.


Since the invoice was accidentally marked as paid, you'll have to delete the payment. This is to make sure the account's balance is accurate.


Here's how to delete the payment:


QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Go to Customers at the top, then select Customer Center.
  2. Click the client's name and double-click the payment transaction.
  3. Hit the Delete button and click Yes.


QuickBooks Online:

  1. Select Sales on the left pane.
  2. Open the payment transaction.
  3. Click More at the bottom and hit Delete.image.png
  4. Choose Yes to confirm.

Fro addition details, please check this article: How to reconcile accounts.

Reach out to me if there is anything else you need. I'm always ready to help. Have a great week.

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Re: Delete a payment after account reconciled

Since the payment would NOT have hit the bank (since you say it never happened) it would NOT have been marked as cleared - or your reconciliation would have been off by this amount. THUS>>>>>since this payment never happened just delete it (you may have to delete it from a deposit first) it could NOT have been cleared if you performed the reconciliation to a zero balance difference so there is absolutely no need to perform any "mini-reconciliation"