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Deleting Duplicate Deposits

I have two questions. 


1) Why are some of my deposits being duplicated and not others? I have a service business and most of my deposits contain multiple customers combined into one deposit or “splits”.  The duplicate deposits come up as “Uncategorized Income.”


I delete these “Uncategorized Income” deposits by going into my Chart of Accounts for the particular bank in question. I leave the deposit that has the “split” information because it tells me which customers contributed to the deposit and I mark it as R. 


2) When I delete the deposit it pops back up in the “Banking” section where it gives me the option to “Add” it. How do I permanently delete these deposits?


Thank you in advance. 

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QuickBooks Team

Deleting Duplicate Deposits

Hi there, 1929Chrysler.


Your duplicate deposits are coming from your bank transactions. Instead of using the Match option you've added them to your register.


It's right that you've deleted them and they showed up on the Banking page specifically the For Review tab. So they won't cause duplicates again, you can select them, click on Batch Actions and choose Exclude Selected. This will transfer them from the For Review tab to the Excluded tab.


Here's what you can do moving forward: When you deposit multiple payments at once in your actual bank account, you also need to do that in QuickBooks. Then, when the actual deposit is downloaded on the Banking page, you can match it with your deposit in QuickBooks. No need to split them. In this process, nothing will be added, you'll just match them. Therefore, you'll not incur any duplicate deposits.


On the other hand, I'd only recommend using Split when you add transactions that were never created in QuickBooks. The split doesn't have a Match option, only Save and Add. So if you have invoices which will increase your bank resister when paid, then you add the split transactions which will also increase your bank, you'll double your deposits.


If you have other questions, you can always go back to this post. Have a good day!

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