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Deposit not credit correctly,

We have several deposits which do not get credited to Undeposited funds.  Trying to find a way to edit the journal entries. Not disputing amount or where the deposit went.

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Deposit not credit correctly,

I’m here to impart information to get these deposit concerns resolved, @jeffraiderocks.

Before anything else, can you share the complete workflow used in managing these transactions with me? This way, I can gather information on why these deposits don’t credit to your Undeposited funds.

You can reach out to your accountant to help you edit the journal entries. They can assist you further to ensure the amounts and the accounts affected are correct.

If you don’t have one yet, you can visit our ProAdvisor website to find an expert. They can provide hands-on support from technical and accounting perspectives. Simply enter your city or ZIP code.

Once everything is good, you can now categorize and match your online bank transactions in the program. Then, use this reference to ensure your account are balanced and accurate: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other concerns or questions besides deposits. I’m always here to help you out. Take care!

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Deposit not credit correctly,

The question is why is Undeposited Funds so high?  If I look at the register I see transactions that are debited and credited.  But there are amounts that have not been credited.  Why not?  So to understand I printed out a journal for the month, see attached. Also the Well Fargo Checking account has transactions from Spoton, the CC clearing, that debit and credit the checking account???  I see deposits to both checking and savings that credit sales non-taxable, which should be Undeposited.  When I go to the register for the deposits all I want to do is change the credit account.  It warns me about being reconciled.  Then it asks for the deposit account, when I haven't touched that part of the transaction.  So it won't let me save.

There is a transaction at the end of every day that debits A/R and credits Services.  Then there will be an entry for Undeposited/ A/R.  Then there should be a Bank Account/ Undeposited entry.  In many cases there are.  But there are several that aren't correct.  

See: 3/3

3/4 x2


3/14 x3


3/23 x2



We do have a long standing accountant, I thought I could edit the entries not enter new entries to clean it up.

QuickBooks Team

Deposit not credit correctly,

Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Intuit Community, @jeffraiderocks


I appreciate you for taking the initial steps to resolve the issue and letting us know the result. The struggles end here, I'm determined to help move the deposits to the Undeposited Funds account.

There's only one Undeposited Fund (UF) account in QuickBooks Online, and it is used to batch deposit payments. What I can conclude based on description is your UNDEPOSITED FUNDS account is not the default Undeposited Funds account in QuickBooks. 


If the account doesn't agree with the details above, please look for the account with those details. Then, rename it as Undeposited Funds and use it to deposit your payments. However, if everything looks correct, please have our Phone or Chat agents take a look at your company setup. They have more tools to help them check this further.

  1. Click on Help and click Contact us.
  2. Enter a summary of your concern and click Continue.
  3. Choose from Start messaging or Get a callback.


Let me also share the Deposit payments into the Undeposited Funds account in the QuickBooks Online article for additional resources. It covers the steps on how to put payments into the Undeposited Funds up to checking the entries recorded on the account.

Know that the Community has your back. If you have any clarifications about the process or other concerns, post a comment on this thread. I’ll be glad to help and make sure this is taken care of for you. Have a great day ahead.

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Deposit not credit correctly,

I think the problem is Rules.  That is where UF needs to be designated for all deposits.

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Deposit not credit correctly,

I've made 3 deposits since many days, and until now I haven't received my deposits in my account, despite confirmation from support (Support #612109) that everything has been done correctly. facetime for windows

So far, all I've been told (via 30 email correspondence) is that there's a delay and the relevant team has been informed, and they will manually process the transaction. Can someone help?

QuickBooks Team

Deposit not credit correctly,

Thank you for posting on this thread, Pearl189.

I understand how essential it is for your company to have these funds deposited into your account as quickly as possible, especially in these trying times. Let me assist you in ensuring that your deposit issue is addressed right away by the appropriate support channel.

I can see that you’ve contacted our QuickBooks Payments Team about this issue, but I still recommend reaching out to them again for further assistance. One of our agents will review the case notes from your previous chats. Then explain in detail what causes the delay and help you on how to get the deposit posted to your account.

Let me share this article to learn more about support hours and types: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support. From there, choose your product. For example, QuickBooks Online with Payments & Merchant Service Center and follow the instructions to get the contact information.

To get acclimated when QuickBooks deposits customer payments into your bank account, click here to view the article. The article provides detailed information about payment deposit schedules. You’ll also learn how to check the status of the funds and so on.

For additional resources, our self-help articles contain topics that will guide you on how to handle any payment related-tasks. For example, troubleshoot card reader issues, process refund requests, check the funding status, and manage your payments account.

Keep me posted below if you have any clarifications about your deposit status or other customer-related concerns. I’ll be glad to assist further. Have a good one.    

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