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Difference between "received from" and "customer/project" fields

When reconciling bank transactions by associating them to a customer or project, there seem to be two different methods for doing so. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two or how it affects reporting. Each transaction has a "received from" and a "customer/project" field. They can both be set independently, yet I don't see why they should ever be different. I did notice that if I do not select the project under "received from," then my income by customer detail report will not show that payment/transaction as part of that project, even if I did select that project in the "customer/project" field. Can anyone point me at an article that explains the difference between these two fields and how to use them properly? Thank you!


Reconciliation of income screen shot


Difference between "received from" and "customer/project" fields

Hello @Mike - Finest City Handyman,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I'm here to provide information about adding a project to the Received from and Customer/Project column in QuickBooks Online.


You use the Receive From column for receiving money coming from a customer or project. While the Customer/Project column helps you track expenses that are billable to the project you add to the Receive From column.


For me to explain the appearance of the Customer/Project column when making a bank deposit, I need to ask some questions. Are these transactions downloaded from your bank or manually entered into QuickBooks Online? Is the column showing for all of your deposits? Any additional information you could add would be a great help.


I'll be on a lookout for your response about the columns showing in the Bank Deposit screen. The Community is always around to help you out.

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Difference between "received from" and "customer/project" fields

Hi @AlcaeusF, thank you so much for your help. The difference makes complete sense the way you explain it, I just wouldn't expect to see both columns at the same time for a deposit/income transaction. The Customer/Project field is showing up for all deposits. All of the deposit transactions have been synced/downloaded from my bank. None were manually entered. I hope I answered your questions. Looking forward to your response. And thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 

QuickBooks Team

Difference between "received from" and "customer/project" fields

Hello again, Mike - Finest City Handyman.

I can point you in the right direction as to why the Customer/Project field are showing on the deposits.

@AlcaeusFanswer is correct. In addition, the information displayed in the Customer/Project is not necessarily similar with what’s displayed in the Received from column.


The latter column can either be customer or vendor. In regard to all the deposits that have the Customer/Project column, we need to further investigate what’s causing this to appear.


Since we need to access your account and gather more details on how the transactions are recorded, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Support Team  for further assistance.


After contacting support, all the transactions are properly tracked in QBO.


Keep me posted if you have any concerns. Please know that I'm here to lend a helping hand. Have a good one.

Level 2

Difference between "received from" and "customer/project" fields

I'm trying to edit a banking transaction:

- we received a deposit (citibank.qbo upload) from one of our subsidiaries, that's not the "Costumer" for a specific project.

Most of our projects are self funded - so I created a "Generic Customer" for these projects


But seems like I can't have the "Receive From" and "Customer/Project" set differently.


I want to see the "income wire" coming from the subsidiary, but the Income, has to appear on my Project Report. Ideas?

QuickBooks Team

Difference between "received from" and "customer/project" fields

Hello there, @jkscatena.

Thanks for dropping by the Community. I'm here to share some information about your concern.


As of this time, we don't have the option to associate the deposit to the subsidiary and the customer selected for the project. You would have to choose either of the two.


For the transaction to show on the project report, it should be under the Generic Customer you created. Since the funds came from a different customer, it should appear on the Project Profitability.


If you want this added in future updates, I suggest sending product suggestion to our developers. Simply click the Gear icon at the top and select Feedback


You may also send your suggestion by going to the following link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests. I’ll make sure to do the same on my end to reinforce your request.


That should do it. Please post again in the Community if you need anything else. I'm always here to help. Thanks for reaching out and take care!

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