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downloading transactions

I can download my bank transactions but when I go to input them to my account it cannot find my checking account.  I have done this in the past without a problem. Checking account is listed in my account list and is active

QuickBooks Team

Re: downloading transactions

I'd be glad to help check your account, @BZ5.


One reason why you can't find the account is when the account was made inactive. I understand that you've already checked the account under the Chart of Accounts list. However, we may need to double check if the account is listed from there as an active account.


  1. Go to the Lists menu.
  2. Select Chart of Accounts.
  3. On the Chart of Accounts page, you see all of the active accounts from there.
  4. If you can't find the account from there, put a check-mark on Include inactive to view the inactive accounts (with an X mark beside the account name). If the account was made inactive, you can right-click the account and click on Make Account Active.

On the other hand, if the account is active and you're still not able to find it, you have to update your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) account. For the detailed steps and instruction, you can check this article: Update to the latest release of QuickBooks Desktop.


You can also check this article for further details about QBDT Banking Feeds: Get started with Bank Feeds for QuickBooks Desktop.


Please feel free to add a comment below if you have any other banking concerns, I'm always here to help. Have a great day ahead!

Active Member

Re: downloading transactions

My account in question is showing as active and I am using QB Desktop 2018. Any additional things to check for this ?

QuickBooks Team

Re: downloading transactions

Good day, BZ5.

Allow me to take over and help you find your checking account so you can download your bank transactions into QuickBooks Desktop.


Lists are one of the foundations of QuickBooks, and from time to time they can become out of order.  That’s when they need to be resorted.  Some common indicators that it’s time to resort your lists include:


  • The list itself is out of order.
  • An element is missing.
  • New entries in a list appear at the top of the list instead of in their sorted order.
  • You can’t turn on the account number preference.

To sort your Chart of Accounts, here's how:


  1. Select the Lists menu and select the list Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the Include Inactive checkbox. Note that if there are no inactive accounts, items, etc., the box will be grayed out.
  3. From the List (Account/Item) drop-down, select Re-sort List.


  4. Click OK on the Are you sure you want to return this list to its original order? prompt.

For more details, check out this article: Re-sort lists. After that, you can try to download your bank transactions again using our WebConnect feature.


For additional help, you can also reach out to our QuickBooks Desktop Support.


  1. Within your QuickBooks Desktop, click Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Click Contact us.
  3. To route you to the correct support expert, we need to know what type of question you have. Give a brief description of your issue and click Continue.
  4. We’ll provide you a few options. You choose which one is best for you.

Let me know how it goes by leaving a reply below. I want to make sure you can download your transactions successfully. Have a good one.