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Edit transactions matched to a deleted account



Last month, we had a major issue with the connection between our bank (BofA) and Quickbooks Online. Long story short, we deleted all the existing accounts and created new accounts.


I'm now doing some year-end accounting 'clean up' and running into issues relating to this - one major one is that it won't let me edit any transactions matched to the deleted account. For example, I noticed that a particular transaction in February was accidentally recorded in the wrong category (as capex instead of expense), so I went to correct it, but QB doesn't let me change it -- I get the following error message: 


The transaction is linked to an inactive account.
The transaction you are trying to void is linked to an account that is inactive. Please make the account active and try again.


Which is kind of odd, because I'm not really trying to void any transactions, just change which account they might be categorized under. How can I edit transactions like this (or others from throughout the year) that were miscategorized and matched to transactions from a bank account which is "deleted" (even though the actual bank account is unchanged - just linked in with a new name)?


Please let me know if you have any suggestions!



Community Champion

Edit transactions matched to a deleted account

QuickBooks accounts are never deleted, at least not in the Desktop version and I certainly hope they didn't allow it in the Online version.  They are made "Inactive" and are hidden from general view.


When you get the error, is there an option to make the account active again?  If so, say yes.


If not, try this...

- In your menu click on Transactions and then open Chart of Accounts

- Click on the Settings (little gear icon) and check the box to Include the Inactive accounts

- Find the account you're looking for and click on Make Active


Then go make your changes you want.  When you're done you can do the above but this time make the old account Inactive again.

Level 1

Edit transactions matched to a deleted account

Thanks this was super helpful, simply making the account temporarily active again allowed me to make the changes.

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