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I'm a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and I have two entrepreneur/HNW clients who currently use QuickBooks for their businesses and real estate holdings but also need brokerage account functionality so as to track their trading and holdings of listed securities.


Currently, they use Quicken for securities and other personal accounting but have found its functionality and usability to have suffered since Intuit spun off Quicken, besides wanting more robust enterprise-class capabilities that Quicken simply isn't up to.  They also want a single software solution and are prepared to do a broader market evaluation and move off of both the QuickBooks and Quicken platforms to get it.


So, the question is whether and when QuickBooks will have brokerage account support.


It may be that the Quicken spin-off included a non-compete preventing Intuit from offering such functionality in QuickBooks or otherwise.


Regardless, we need an answer.  The code existed in-house at some point, so no reason exists to think that it isn't technically possible.

Michael K

Thanks for reaching out to us, @ebsf.


We take your feedback seriously, as it's what helps us grow. I can see how this would be beneficial to you and other businesses, so I'll forward this idea on to our Product Development Team for further review.


In the meantime, I recommend keeping an eye out on our blog to stay up-to-date on all the latest feature releases for QuickBooks.


Shoot me a reply if you have any additional questions. I'll be here to help. Have a great rest of your week!

Community Champion

QB is designed for small  business accounting which usually does not include day trading as a business plan. For personal finance Intuit has Mint - a free program.


I have to ask though why they cannot use the software provided by their brokerage house? Fidelity has a very good interface that tracks everything in real time and I am sure all their competitors offer similar user friendly access to accounts.

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@John, thanks for your reply but please re-read my post because

- I said nothing about day-trading;

- My clients already have a function-specific solution in place (in the form of Quicken) and so don't require another.


Again, the requirement is for an integrated solution and the question is when/whether QuickBooks will be adding brokerage/securities account functionality.

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Thanks, @Michael K , the sooner the better.  It would be a huge help.  Keep me posted.

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