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How can employees capture receipts

Receipt capture vs expensify?


I am looking for a way for employees to snap a photo of a business expense and code it to the correct expense category and link it to QBO without giving them access to QBO. In other words I want them to capture the receipt and code it  but not have the ability to change or even see transactions in QBO. I need to replace the employees sending me a wad of receipts for me to decipher:)

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How can employees capture receipts

Hi @parksbarbie, I'll share details about capturing receipts.


The ability to let employee capture receipts require Admin access to the said account. With this, it's best to integrate one of our third-party applications and let your employees capture receipts on the go.


Here's how you can integrate an app:


  1. Go to Apps.
  2. Enter a keyword in the Search field.
  3. Select the app you want to use and check for reviews.
  4. Click Get app now.


I've also included this reference helpful with the steps needed to identify how stable is your business's financial status: Create and Manage Reports in QuickBooks Online.


Know that you can always leave a reply below if there's anything else that I can help you with aside from working with your receipts. I'll surely be around, ready to lend a hand. Stay safe!

Level 4

How can employees capture receipts

How can I get recommendations for an app that will do this?

QuickBooks Team

How can employees capture receipts

Thanks for getting back to us, parksbarbie.


 I'm here to share some information about your concern.


Since Community space is a public forum, we're unable to recommend a specific application to our customers. However, you can check out our app store if you haven't already see if there are any that match your requirements. 


I've added this article that will help you on how to email receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online.


Keep me posted  if you have any additional questions about receipts. I'm more than willing to help. Have a great day!

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How can employees capture receipts

Hi! I was wondering if you ever got this figured out? I have the same need and a bunch of employees with cards. I need to get this task off my plate. Let me know. 

Thank you,



How can employees capture receipts

Thanks for your time joining this thread and raising the same concern, Candy.

I recognize how convenient it is for employees to have the ability to capture receipts. As recommended above, you can utilize a third-party app to accomplish this task. Check out our Apps Center or go to your Apps menu to find one.

Our Product Development team keeps searching for ways to improve user experience by promoting efficient features that streamline processes and suit your business needs. By this, I recommend sending them feedback directly so they can take a look and might consider this idea as part of the future enhancements.

Here’s how:


  1. Open your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.
  2. Go to the Gear icon, then select Feedback.
  3. Enter your suggestions, then select Next submit.

You can track your feedback or product suggestions through the QuickBooks Feature Requests website.


If you want to save time tracking and recording your entries, you can upload your receipts to the program. QBO provide ways to add them through a computer, mobile device, or even from your email account. See this guide for complete instructions: Uploading, reviewing, and matching receipts.

We truly care about our customers getting the right product fit. If you have more feature concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be here to help in any way I can. Keep safe always!

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