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How can I fix the out of balance in the reconciliation module?

I just started downloading the bank statements into QB. Jan and Feb were done manually but Mar was done through Banking but I am off 50k.
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How can I fix the out of balance in the reconciliation module?

Hello there, Diagonshw.


When reconciling another period of a previously reconciled account, there are a few things you'll need to review to ensure that the amounts are balanced. To fix the amounts, here are the things we'll do:

  1. Review the opening and beginning balance.

  2. Check the ending balance you entered.

  3. Combine multiple transactions into a single transaction if necessary.

  4. Narrow your search and eliminate what you know is correct.

  5. Enter transactions that aren't in QuickBooks.

  6. Find transactions that aren't on your bank statement.

  7. Review transactions that are slightly off.

To see the detailed instructions on every steps, you can visit this link: Fix issues when you're reconciling accounts in QuickBooks Online.


You might also need this link in the future: Fix beginning balance issues if you've reconciled the account in the past QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to get back to us if you have additional questions about the process. Have a great day!

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