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How do I change a period end date on a previously reconciled credit card account?


How do I change a period end date on a previously reconciled credit card account?

It's my pleasure to welcome you to our forum, @NC100,


Changing the Ending Date of a previously reconciled account shouldn't worry you. While this is option is unavailable once the reconciliation is done, you can do the following remedies:


  • Leave the date as it is and make sure to select the correct end date the next time you reconcile. Dates doesn't affect any balances and will not affect future reconciliation. 
  • Undo the reconciliation and then manually change the status of the transactions with the correct ending date.


To manually reconcile transactions, use the following steps:

  1. Click on Accounting from the left toolbar.
  2. Select Chart of Accounts.
  3. Look for the account where the cheque was added, and click Account History.
  4. Find the transaction that needs to be cleared.
  5. Tap to highlight the transaction.
  6. Tick status field in between the Deposit and VAT columns. Continually click to get the cleared (C) status.
  • C - Cleared
  • R - Reconciled
  • Blank - Not cleared or reconciled
  • Hit Save when done.

However, if you're within the reconciliation page, you can still edit the Statement Ending Balance. Here's how:


  1. From your QuickBooks Online dashboard, click the Gear icon ⚙ then Reconcile.
  2. Click Resume Reconciling.
  3. Select Edit Info at the top.
  4. Edit the amount to adjust the Ending Balance of your current reconciliation, make sure to add a negative sign.


You can also check these related articles for the complete steps with the reconcile process:

How to Reconcile Accounts in QBO Tutorial

QuickBooks Online Reconcile Hub.


If you have other questions with the steps, let me know in the comment section. I'd love to hear back from you and I'm here to provide further assistance at anytime. Have an awesome week!

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How do I change a period end date on a previously reconciled credit card account?

this occurred on one of my bank statements.  It should be period ending 9/30/20, but instead has a future date of 9/30/21.  So are you saying that this will cause no conflict when I get ready to recon my sept 2021 statement with the exact same ending period?  and no other reports?

QuickBooks Team

How do I change a period end date on a previously reconciled credit card account?

Hi there, @debbiewelch.


ou can undo then reconcile again all the previous accounts. Then ensure to choose the correct date when reconciling.


Just to confirm, are you using the QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) version? If so, you have the option to undo a reconciliation. Here's how:


1. Go to the Gear icon at the top and pick Reconcile under the Tools column.

2. On the Reconcile an account page, select History by account.

3. On the History by account page, click the Account and Report period to locate the reconciliation to undo.

4. Choose Undo on the Action column, then Yes.

5. In the final confirmation window, pick Undo and OK.


On the other hand, if you don't have this option, it's possible that you're not using QBOA. If that's the case, you need to manually edit each transaction to undo the reconciliation. Here's how:


1. Go back to the Gear icon at the top, then pick Chart of Accounts under Your Company column.

2. Locate the appropriate account for the transaction and select View Register on the Action column.

3. Identify the transaction to edit.

4. In the reconcile status column (indicated by a checkmark), repeatedly click the top line of the transaction to change the status, then Save.

  • - Cleared.
  • - Reconciled.
  • Blank - Not cleared or reconciled.


For your reference, you can also check out this article for further guidance: How to unreconciled a transaction or undo a reconciliation.


Keep me in the loop if you need a hand with creating bank rules or any QBSe related. I'll be here to ensure your success. Have a great day ahead. 


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