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How do I issue a refund to a credit card

Can someone explain to how issue a refund to a credit card?


What I have been doing is:

Create Credit Memo
Write check
Enter the customer payment > amount = 0, payment = visa, apply existing credits


What I need to do is have the refund as part of my daily credit card deposit so that the final deposit includes the refund.


I am using QB for Mac 2016.


Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I issue a refund to a credit card

Hi there, ovtnvw.

Currently, there isn’t a feature in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac that will reverse credit card transactions. What we can do instead is to process it in Merchant Services. This involved refunding the cardholder for the transaction then recording the refund in QuickBooks. 
For additional information, please check out this article:

Don’t hesitate to drop by and post your questions again if you need anything else.