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QuickBooks Team

How do i recover deleted transactions

Hello, alyeskane,


I appreciate you for following the solution provided in this thread so you can retrieve the deleted transaction.


Since those transactions aren't showing after modifying those identifier, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Technical Team. This way, they can do screen-sharing in a secure environment and walk you through re-importing transactions.


Here's how to contact them:

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click QuickBooks support.
  4. Enter a brief discussion of your concern in the Tell us more about your question field, then click Search.
  5. Click Start a Message to chat with our QuickBooks Support Representative.

You an update this post on how the call goes. Should you need anything else, just leave a comment below and we'll be around to help you out.

Level 1

How do i recover deleted transactions

Why is it asking for me to add a new Checking Account when I do this and doesn't give me the option to use the ones I have?

QuickBooks Team

How do i recover deleted transactions

Hello there, @lindels.


When importing transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, the system will prompt you to create a new account if there's a transaction that doesn't match on the accounts that were set up.


To fix this, you can add a new account to match the imported transaction and merge it to the accurate account afterward.


To create an account:

  1. Click on Accounting at the top menu bar.
  2. Select on Chart of Accounts.
  3. Hit on the Account button at the bottom and select on New.
  4. Fill out the information needed and hit on Save & Close.

To give you more details about adding an account matching transactions in QBDT, please check out these articles:


Once done, you can now start merging the accounts by following the steps found in this link: Merge Accounts, Customers, and Vendors


If there's anything else that you need, let me know. I'm always up for assistance. Have a great day!

Level 2

How do i recover deleted transactions

What does it mean to "open the quickbooks file with the text edit"?

Level 2

How do i recover deleted transactions

I'm using Windows 10, I do not have a "text edit" option to open the file with


How do i recover deleted transactions

We can use the Notepad or Excel option instead of Text Edit, NLMadmin. 


I've got the steps on how to do it:


  1. Right-click the file.
  2. Select Open with.
  3. Select either Notepad or Excel.
  4. Select Add or Edit missing data.
  5. Save the file.


Afterward. let's create a backup of your data before importing them into QuickBooks. I've added this article for more information when creating a backup: Create a backup file.


I'm just around if you still need my help. Stay safe!

Level 1

How do i recover deleted transactions

I opened the qbo in text & did the search replace but now can't figure out how to import the cvs file back to qbo to import it! I'm using QuickBooks 2019 for Mac desktop. Any suggestions? I go to File > import > web connect & it doesn't acknowledge the cvs file

QuickBooks Team

How do i recover deleted transactions

Hi Jo NCV,


CSV file is only supported in QuickBooks Online, and we're unable to convert it to QBO. I'm happy to share another option.


You'll want to edit your QBO file using a TextEdit instead, and then save it as a QBO (with a .qbo extension).


See about importing web connect and adding and matching transactions in this article: Set up and use Online Banking (Mac).


Feel free to share an update after importing your transactions.

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