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how to download past data from the cloud

I'm literally SO frustrated with the customer service from this company that I could scream; however, I can't find any mechanism of screaming to anyone other than starting a new chat or a new phone call (which I've already spent way too  many hours of my life doing). I just sent a reply to the email about my "case" and got an auto response that it was closed so I need to start a new chat or phone call. I've been waiting two weeks for follow up.


My original issue was connectivity to the bank and Quicken has been NO HELP at all with this; however, I think the bank has managed to figure out the issue after two months of Quicken not being able to help troubleshoot their product. Although it is still not fixed.


However, the last customer service person I spoke to deleted my account and all of the transactions for the last three years. He assured me they were on the cloud and that the knowledgeable "back end"  person who was supposed to follow up with me would help me get them back; however, no response from them, so my question for this group is: How do I get my past transactions back from the cloud?? We are starting to panic that they may be lost.


Thank you.

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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how to download past data from the cloud

Your tag is QBSE and yet you mentioned Quicken. Which product are you using?

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how to download past data from the cloud

QuickBooks self employed. Sorry for the confusion. 

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how to download past data from the cloud

QuickBooks self employed. Sorry for the confusion 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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how to download past data from the cloud

Afaik, you are only allowed to import data in csv format to QBSE. Another option, explore this 3rd party as a workaround.


QuickBooks Team

how to download past data from the cloud

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. @amalucky.


I bet I'd feel the same way if the same thing happens to me. I understand how important is your bank transactions.


When the bank is deleted from your QBSE account, all reviewed transactions will also be permanently deleted. As a way around, you can reconnect your bank so you can download the last year's info. For the detailed steps, please visit this article: Reconnect your bank account in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


You can also manually import your bank transaction to QBSE using CSV files. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Choose  Imports.
  3. Select Import older transactions.
  4. Click Browse and look for the file you downloaded from your bank.
  5. Select the file and then Open.
  6. Review the column headers and data. Make it match the columns and order in QuickBooks.
  7. Then, Continue to complete the import.


For your reference, please see this link: Add older transactions to QuickBooks Self-Employed.


If the above process does not work for you, I highly recommend reaching out to our technical support team. They can pull up your account in a secure place and help you retrieve the deleted info. To contact our QBSE Support Team, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the Assistant menu from the top bar.
  2. Enter Talk to a human and select I still need a human.
  3. You'll now be provided with support options that are available at that time.
  4. Choose if you'd like to Message an agent or Get a callback.


Here's the contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support article for more information on how to reach them and their support hours.


Then, to help you ensure that your transactions are accurately categorized, check out this article for guidance: Categorize transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed. 


Know that I am right here to continue guiding you about managing transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed. Thanks!

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how to download past data from the cloud

The problem is I can’t connect to the bank account. That is what I’ve wasted at least ten hours of my life trying to talk to support about and they’ve been NO help. Three times they’ve said it is “escalated to the back end team” and I wait weeks with no response. 

The bank finally figured out it is an issue with their license when they updated to multi factor authentication, and they are trying to fix it but I still can’t connect. However, It should not be the responsibility of the bank and myself to be the expert on this product, and it’s ridiculous that Intuit hasn’t been able to help troubleshoot any of this.


In fact I think they made the problem worse by deleting everything.  

The “support” person that I spoke to assured me that the three years of data that was deleted when he deleted my account would be available to get back from the cloud. 

I honestly don’t think I can deal with speaking to another support person who will make me start at square one and obviously read off a manual as they try to “troubleshoot”. I need someone who actually knows what they are doing. 

I am hoping the bank will be able to figure this out and I can reconnect and somehow recover my information. However I’ve paid for a product now for 2.5 months that is essentially non functional and I am stressing out that we won’t get our data back. Meanwhile my recordkeeping is getting farther and farther behind.  


I asked for an extension of our subscription to accommodate and was told they don’t have the authority to do that. 

Not impressed at all with the lack of customer service and once I can get my data back we will probably try to switch to something else. 

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