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How to I remove manager from account

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QuickBooks Team

How to I remove manager from account

Hello mc24,


Are you trying to remove an admin user in your QuickBooks account? If so, you can go to the Manage Users menu. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon, choose Manage Users.
  2. Find the user you want to delete and click the small arrow icon in the Action column.
  3. Hit Delete, then select Delete again in the confirmation window.


If you’re trying to change the master admin, you can follow these steps below:


  1. Select the Gear icon.
  2. Click Manage Users.
  3. Hit the drop-down arrow in the Action column and choose to Make a master admin.
  4. Select Make master admin on the pop-up that appears.
  5. An invitation email will then be sent to the user to accept the role.


You refer to this article for further information about the steps: Add, delete, or change user access.


I also added this self-help article for your future reference about managing accounts in QuickBooks.


If you mean something else, any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Take care.

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