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"I now get "Confirm" instead of "Match" but QBOL won't accept the "Confirm"" ?

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QuickBooks Team

"I now get "Confirm" instead of "Match" but QBOL won't accept the "Confirm"" ?

Welcome to the Community, tahquitzdr.

I took a look in our test drive account and am able to see options titled Match on the Banking tab.

For records with one matching transaction, you'll see a Match link in your ACTION column.

Entries with more than one located match can be clicked to expand your matching options. Once they're expanded, you'll be able to choose a transaction to match them with. You'll also see a green Match button.

Transactions that don't have any matches already found can still be matched by expanding them, then selecting Find match. This displays a Match transactions screen, where you'll be able to select records to match them with. Be sure to hit Save when you're finished matching.

I'm not seeing that our Match options were replaced with a Confirm option. If you wouldn't mind sharing a screenshot, that'd definitely be helpful for me to better understand what you're seeing.

I've included a helpful resource about matching records that may come in handy moving forward: Categorize & match bank transactions

Please feel more than welcome in sending a reply if there's any additional details or questions for me. I'll be here to help. Have a wonderful day!

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