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I replaced by QB 2019 with QB desktop pro 2020 and all company files (.qbw) are gone

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QuickBooks Team

I replaced by QB 2019 with QB desktop pro 2020 and all company files (.qbw) are gone

I can help you locate your company file, srbreland.


Generally, this situation occurs when your company file was moved or renamed. Path disconnection from where the QuickBooks files are located can also be the reason why your company files are missing. To fix this, you can perform a wildcard search for all company files by typing these keywords into the search bar:

  • *.qbb (Back-Up Files)
  • *.qbw (Working Files)
  • *.qba (Accountants Copy Files)
  • *.qbx (Accountants Transfer Files)
  • *.qby (Accountants Change Files)

To ensure that the searching will work correctly, please make sure to include the asterisk symbol (*) before the extension type.

Once you find them, take note of their location then proceed to solution 2 of this article to be guided in opening and restoring them: Company file is missing or cannot be found. You can also use the article above to learn more about the troubleshooting steps if you are accessing your QuickBooks files over a network.


Additionally, since you're previously using QuickBooks Desktop 2019, please know you may also need to upgrade your company files after switching to a new version of the program.


If you need some reference in dealing with your other QuickBooks tasks, you can check out our helpful articles here.


The Community Team always has your back, so please don't hesitate to visit us again if you have any other concerns or questions.

Community Champion

I replaced by QB 2019 with QB desktop pro 2020 and all company files (.qbw) are gone

Did you UNinstall QB2019 or delete any of the QB2019 folders?  Or did you just run the QB2020 installer and follow the prompts? 


If QB2019 is still installed, when  you run it does it open normally with all of  your data?  And if so, press F2 and in the window that opens, make note of where the data file is located.  Look for FILE INFORMATION on the left side about 1/3 of the way down. 


The default location for the data file I believe is: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files   But depending upon when you first started using QBs and if you ever moved it, then then data file could be in any number of places.  I would suggest doing a search on your computer for *.QBW.  If you've never searched your computer, open This PC (My PC, etc.) and in the upper right you'll see a box with Search this PC.  Enter *.QBW and hit Enter.  Then wait...


You should find your files and I would then suggest you move the Folder that contains the .QBW file to somewhere where you know they are.  Can be in a folder in the Documents or on the C:\ drive (e.g. C:\QuickBooks Data).  Anywhere you will know where to look and they will not be accidentally moved or deleted. 


Then open QB2020 and in the window that comes up, choose Open Existing Company and then just navigate to where you put the folder.  After you open the .QBW file, QBs will remember where that data file is located.


If for some reason the .QBW file was deleted.  Do the search for *.QBB and see if you can find the Backup files.  You can open QB2020 and tell it to Restore from Backup too.


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