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I want out of Cash Envelope, PLEASE HELP!

I know that this topic has been discussed multiple time and some may have their issues resolved. Mine is still not and I am not getting a clear answer from Intuit and Greendot support. Both told me that there is nothing else they can do.

I have an accountant account, meaning I have multiple clients also in QBO. I signed-up only in February of this year after receiving multiple marketing reminders, I finally gave in without reading reviews first. It was the BIGGEST wrong decision I ever made. So the envelope started collecting payments from my clients and a month after I thought it is time for me to transfer that money to my bank. That is when the nightmare starts.

First step, link my bank, which I thought should already be linked as I have my bank already linked in QBO. They told me, it is being managed by Greendot which is entirely separate from Intuit. I got my 2 small deposits, but cannot verify it. I did not get the email. I do not have the cash flow tab where all the functions to control this envelope is located. 15 customer support later after being transferred multiple times, the last being a 3-way call between Intuit and Greendot support and me, I was finally told that APPARENTLY, this app does not support  accountant vesion, the reason why do not have the tab to control it.

Here's the case, they have my money and I have the debit card attached to it, but no PIN. I have to set-up the PIN through the cash flow tab. OK, I can use the debit card to pay purchases, but QBO does not record the transactions. It only records the money that they are collecting. I cannot keep up in spending the money that is sitting there. I want it transferred to my business or saving account and earn interest. But I have no way of doing it.

PLEASE I JUST NEED A WAY TO GET OUT OF IT. I think it is illegal to hold on someone else's money without giving them way of getting it back other than spending it. It has been 2 months now! If I do not get this resolved, I will report to Attorney general, better business bureau and file a complaint against Intuit and Greendot. 

Who is with me? Let's start a mass action against this illegal act that these companies are doing that is affecting small business owners. 



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I want out of Cash Envelope, PLEASE HELP!

I appreciate the detailed information you've shared with us, ihastax.


I want to make sure you'll get the best help possible concerning earning interest and transferring funds to your business or savings account using the Cash Envelope.


Our Merchant Services Team can get this taken care of. They have full access to pull up your details in a secure environment and will be able to check your QuickBooks Cash + Envelope account.


All accounts related concerns need to be directed to our Phone Support for security purposes. You would have to call since your bank information is confidential, and we value your privacy.


For your reference, check out this article: Create envelopes to set your funds aside. This will provide you steps on how to move the money out from your envelope as well as ways to manage them.


If you need further assistance with QuickBooks Cash or have questions in mind regarding QuickBooks, please let me know. I'll stick around to help you out.


I want out of Cash Envelope, PLEASE HELP!

Hi, ihastax.


Hope you're doing great. I wanted to see how everything is going about the cash envelope you had yesterday. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help or clarification? If you do, just let me know. I'd be happy to help you at anytime.


Looking forward to your reply. Have a pleasant day ahead!

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