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Import / Sync PayPal QB Pro 2019

Hi, I'm trying to import PayPal IIF file into QB Pro 2019 without success, however it looks this is not what I need, I don't want everytime I download a file to set account names, etc so I'm trying to import csv files for orders, sales receipt, expenses. It is possible? I also tried QB Online but doesn't work as expected, specially when sync only runs once every 24 hours I think. There is any automatic way to sync with PayPal at this moment? Thanks!

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Re: Import / Sync PayPal QB Pro 2019

hi @ onedolphin ,

I am not sure there is any solution yet to let QuickBooks Desktop sync directly to Paypal. If you don't familiar importing IIF, you should consider Transaction Pro Importer. 


Hope it helps.


Re: Import / Sync PayPal QB Pro 2019

There's way how to handle this, onedolphin.


Unsuccessful importation of the IIF file will lead you to see the failed transactions. QuickBooks automatically creates a new .IIF file for them with error info. Go ahead and edit them. Once done, import the file again. You can find the steps how to review the errors in this article: Improved IIF Import in QuickBooks 2019.


I've also got here a screenshot of the file types and formats that QuickBooks uses for importing bank transactions. Other than the IIF and QBO files, PayPal transactions can't be imported.




While you can't use CSV file, you check with PayPal if they can produce .QBO file. Then, use Web Connect to import transactions. Let me lay out the steps for you:

  1. Click on  Files.
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. Choose Import.
  4. Choose Web Connect Files
  5. Browse the .QBO file saved on your computer. 
  6. Click on Open

I'll be around if you need anything else. 

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Re: Import / Sync PayPal QB Pro 2019

Thank you very much, I'm checking the options. However, there is also a good solution for integration with QB online and PayPal and/or Magento 2?

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Re: Import / Sync PayPal QB Pro 2019

You can use our

with a PayPal history download file to import your account activity with an IIF file tailored for your company file - using your existing accounts and items.
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Re: Import / Sync PayPal QB Pro 2019

Thank you

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