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Importing QBO files to QB Desktop Pro 2018

I am having trouble importing qbo files into Quickbooks Pro 2018.  I have been using QB for a decade with a number of different banks and i just opened accounts with a new bank.  When I import the qbo file the <NAME> description is a truncated version of the <MEMO> description when it imports.  The characters in the <NAME> cell stop at 32 characters, although the <MEMO> description has many more characters.

Here is the problem:  the <NAME> description in the qbo file is what QB uses to come up with rules and recognizing vendors so they can be matched with vendors already in my company file or to come up with rules for future imports.  When I use a debit card the transaction might come in like "Signature POS - Jacksonville, FL" and the name of the business isn't in the payee.  I can find it if i go the the memo of each transaction, but that kind of defeats the purpose and its easier to just write them in myself.  Any help here is appreciated.

Things to note: 

1.  I am NOT using Direct Connect as my bank only uses it for Commercial Customers.

2.  I am downloading the file directly from my bank, then opening it in quickbooks

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Importing QBO files to QB Desktop Pro 2018

Glad to see you in the Community space, @dw18.


When importing the QBO file, all the tags should be accurate to get the desired result.  If the Payee name field is longer than 32 characters, the rest of the info appears in the Memo field. To fix this, you'll have to tag the customer or vendor's name manually when editing the <NAME> in the QBO file. 


You can check this article for more information when reviewing your file: Fix Web Connect import errors.


Let me know if you have other questions. I'll be around to help. Have a great day!

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